Texas Tech Football Spring Game | Open Thread

Your open thread and preview for the Texas Tech scrimmage.

What: 2018 Texas Tech Spring Game
When: April 14th @ 6:00 p.m.
Where: Jones AT&T Stadium | Lubbock, Texas
Preview: Official Site Preview
Television: FSSW+ and FOXSportsGo

Get Hyped:

Five Things to Watch:

  1. Will the Quarterbacks Separate? From all appearances, the quarterbacks have appeared to play pretty even and I think that’s probably a true statement. Neither one of Jett Duffey or McLane Carter have really separated themselves and Kliff Kingsbury said that he won’t name a starter this spring and will most likely go through the preseason practice.
  2. Defensive Line vs. Offensive Line. I’m going to try to focus on the lines for a good chunk of the game. There won’t be anything more critical other than quarterback, than how the lines perform.
  3. Receiver Consistency. We’ve seen Donta Thompson (although his penalties were not good) and Antoine Wesley step up along with De’Quan Bowman have splashes. We haven’t really seen T.J. Vasher step up and I wonder if that will happen and if this is a harbinger of what to expect. These guys will have a ton of pressure and opportunity sitting in front of them.
  4. Who Reps at Running Back? I thought that DaLeon Ward popped last week at running back and I’ll be interested to see if that continues. He sat out with a groin strain, but should be back. If there is a very good running threat then I think this team is significantly better and maybe there should be more than one or two.
  5. Focus on the Secondary. I also really didn’t watch a ton of the secondary, so I’ll try to watch quite a bit of that as the scrimmage unfolds. There’s just a ton of moving parts in the secondary and as we’ve discussed this week, Adrian Frye stepped up in the Frisco scrimmage.

For me personally, I plan on attending the baseball game with Spencer and LaBarre and then go to the scrimmage after that. I’ll tweet out and leave a comment as to where we’re sitting for the scrimmage so you can hang out. If you’re expecting me to party after the scrimmage just remember that a blog doesn’t write itself.


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