Texas Tech Picked to Finish 8th in 2018 Big 12 Media Preseason Poll

The Sooners top the Big 12 Preseason Media Poll.

Texas Tech was picked to finish 8th in the 2018 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll with Oklahoma picked to finish first by a relatively wide margin:

1. Oklahoma (46) 509
2. West Virginia (2) 432
3. TCU (1) 390
4. Texas (1) 370
5. Oklahoma State 300
6. Kansas State (2) 283
7. Iowa State 250
8. Texas Tech 149
9. Baylor 125
10. Kansas 52

At this point, this really shouldn’t be a surprise as most media is picking Texas Tech to finish 8th or 9th, depending on the day of the week. Heck, even our friends at LandGrant Gauntlet picked Texas Tech to finish 9th (yes, they are our friends . . . don’t even).

I’m still doing research on each team so I’m not really prepared to say who is going to be finish where except that I am pretty comfortable with Oklahoma at the top. The one thing that I’m currently researching West Virginia is that they only have 72 scholarship players as a result of attrition, so they’re pretty depleted in comparison to other teams and you wonder how that will play out over the course of the year. WVU clearly has a top level offense, but I’m not sure about the defense. Everything after that is really a question for me personally and I think this could be one of the more topsy-turvy Big 12 seasons that we’ve seen in quite some time.


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