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The Morning Stake | 2018.07.26

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Yesterday, Allen Kenney, an Oklahoma blogger (I’ve been on his podcast a few times, really good guy) and the following tweet that I thought was pretty terrific (@BlatantHomeris):

Word to the wise: college football is better when you accept that winning a national championship isn’t the point

This is pretty fun to wrap your head around and I tend to think that the younger you are at, the more difficult this is to accept. That’s probably too presumptuous, but for me, the more I’ve aged, following sports is less about winning (I know this is sacrilege) and more about the fellowship and friends and having something to bond me with other folks other than the things that tend to drive us apart. There’s no doubt that I want Texas Tech to win, but maybe it’s the idea that so much of this is out of my hands and I’m just happy to be witnessing the process. If it ever did happen, whether it be in basketball or baseball or football, I’d be ecstatic, but the journey is always what brings me back, regardless of outcome. And one more idea of reality here, there’s only been a handful of teams that have been part of the playoff so the reality is that getting to that upper echelon may not ever happen in my lifetime.

Maybe that’s the question of the day. If you know, in your hard of heart, that Texas Tech most likely won’t ever win a national championship, what’s the point of college football, in particular Texas Tech, for you?

Not a lot of actual news out there, but there is content, mostly all on Twitter.

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