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The Morning Stake | 2018.08.15

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Well, I’m going to handle this as carefully as possible and I’m going to ask that you all handle this as carefully as possible. It is being reported by Jay Leeson that, “there was “a vote” at Regents meeting last week. Result was a 5-4 decision against Chancellor Bob Duncan, prompting his resignation. The 5: Francis, Hammonds, Huckabee, Long, Steinmetz. I’m told by very credible sources that @SecretaryPerry conducted effort to oust Duncan on behalf of @TAMU’s John Sharp. 4 of the 5 were then-Gov Rick Perry appointees (Francis, Hammonds, Steinmetz, Long); 5th (Huckabee) was appointed to another position by Perry.”

The odd timing of Duncan’s retirement was certainly strange, especially with the Texas Tech veterinary school fight upcoming, but now, it all maybe makes a little bit more sense and it also probably makes your stomach turn IF (intended to be in all caps) it is true. This will be pretty danged fascinating to see how this plays out.

Texas Tech Soccer

Host Robert Giovanettii is joined by John Walker, the man whose name bears the soccer complex and is also on the Texas Tech Board of Regents, talks about what he wanted to build and hs goals and vision for the soccer program, which is to win a national title.

Texas Tech Football

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Don Williams tweeted that from his point of view that McLane Carter is the lead quarterback and also had the receiver groupings, “Based on what we’ve seen over the past few days, it’s apparent McLane Carter is in the lead at QB. Don’t know that it’s over, but think one of the young guys will really need to show something quick to overtake him. Caveat: Kliff says not to make too much of what we see. Here were No. 1 receivers going with McLane Carter near the end of practice today: X WR Antoine Wesley, H IR Zach Austin, Y IR Ja’Deion High, Z WR TJ Vasher. No. 2 receivers with Jett Duffey: X WR De’Quan Bowman, H IR Brandt Schilling, Y IR Donta Thompson, Z WR Dalton Rigdon.” Don also noted that Seth Collins was dealing with asthma issues, so that’s why he’s not included.

A-J Media’s Don Williams has his full notebook and discusses the tranfer of John Bonney as well as breaking down the quarterback and receiver information from above. There was also this note at the end, which was interesting:

In post-practice sessions with the media, receivers Zach Austin and Wesley both named DB Douglas Coleman when asked about players who have been standing out. Austin also lauded WR De’Quan Bowman as someone who’s “going to be a huge, huge, huge player for us this year. Moving inside, outside, he’s been playing really, really fast.”

After complaining yesterday that we haven’t seen any of the player press conferences and only a few press conferences from Kingsbury, the official site posted the press conferences for Monday was posted yesterday morning and includes Kingsbury, Justus Parker and Dominic Panazzolo.

Baillie Burmaster grabbed some video of head coach Kliff Kingsbury confirming that it appears that Octavious morgan is out for the year and throws some shade towards Don Williams and his whispering questions.

Our pal SAAR made a video.


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