Weekly Conversation: Lamar vs. Texas Tech

Legos, Lamar and podcasts.

Last Week’s Game

Seth: Hooo boy! What a way to start a season. So last week’s game was a bit unexpected in terms of how the Ole Miss offense just dominated what we thought was going to be an improved Texas Tech defense. Once Carter went down, I was pretty much resigned to Texas Tech losing that game, but not the defense losing the way that the defense did.

On the plus side, I got to meet DanSwany and hang out with Brian DonCarlos as well as oldschoolraider and his son. I also got to see a bit of Houston, which was great, I like to see new places and I haven’t spent a ton of time in Houston. Had no idea that Houston doesn’t have any zoning, which is cray cray.

What about your thoughts from last week’s game?

Travis: It was another in a long line of disappointing Tech football games for me. It just felt like as soon as Smith was ejected in the first quarter that the game was over. I know they fought back and made it interesting at a few points in the game, but it never seemed like anything was going to go our way.

And I understand why a lot of folks are upset with Kingsbury and the seeming lack of discipline, but man, that was just such a gut punch. It was a huge stop on third down that turned into a first down and ultimately points for Ole Miss. I guess I’m just wallowing in sorrow but it never feels like Tech can catch a break. Nothing ever seems to go our way.

Houston is a really cool town. I got to spend a lot of time there in a previous job and my perception of the city changed completely. It’s a great place and has hundreds of little nooks and crannies that make the neighborhoods unique. Once you find your little spot, it’s really cool.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: So my boys are really getting into the LEGO game. They want to buy a new set every week and they spend hours scheming ways that they can earn some money to go to target and get a new box. I don’t think they’ll ever match Fitsum’s prowess though. Is he still a master LEGO builder?

Seth: Oh, man. Fitsum and Legos are still BFF’s. In fact, yesterday, he pushed Youssouf, so I told him that I was taking away Legos for the rest of the day. He nearly had a conniption thinking about NOT having Legos when he got home. So we came to a compromise and I told him on the way to school that when he got home, he needed to ask Miranda what he needed to do to help out after he did his homework and other chores (like feeding the dogs and the fish). He did exactly what I asked and he was quite proud of himself. Now, I just need to convince the two of them that they don’t need to get in trouble to ask for help, but actually just get in the habit of helping. And out of curiosity, what type of sets are they into right now? Fitsum goes from superhero stuff to some of the police/fire sets and some of the jungle sets. It’s still his absolute favorite thing to do.

Travis: They’re into the same things- superhero and some of the city stuff. It’s funny because Cade is just like me- he wants to get it done and isn’t too concerned if he has a few (or several) pieces left over. Cash is more like his mom and sister- very meticulous with his builds but he also gets frustrated so luckily Claire will usually help him get finished. He’s pretty good at getting people to do his dirty work for him, especially for a 6 year old. He pays his brother a dollar sometimes to do his chores for him. I should probably be better at managing that but I enjoy watching capitalism in action.

The Best Thing Ever

Travis: So there’s this podcast I just finished up called The RFK tapes. It delves into the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Kennedy in LA by Sirhan Sirhan. It’s really intriguing and some of the theories out there are pretty wild. I really enjoyed listening to it during my commute over the last several days.

Seth: Podcast! My wife’s least favorite words are, “So I was listening to this podcast . . . ” and she knows that I’m about to drop some serious knowledge on her. I’ll definitely have to check that out. I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts, except usually on the weekend.

Random Top Five

Seth: My top five podcasts and these are my top five because I learn something when I listen to these podcasts. I feel more educated than I did before.

1. Freakonomics Radio, this is probably pretty cliche for someone to like, but I find it fascinating.

2. Hidden Brain, a look into why we as human act the way that we do.

3. TED Radio Hour, a ton of interesting topics.

4. Radiolab, again, these are things that I don’t typically think about, so I feel like I get a mini-education when I listen.

5. Caliphate from the New York Times, essentially this reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, who covers terrorism in the Middle East and has made it her specialty to understand ISIS. She’s a great follow on Twitter if something happens in the Middle East.

Travis: Well of course my favorite podcast is 23 Personnel (NOTE BY SETH: Of course our favorite is 23 Personnel!), but some others I enjoy:

1. Ryen Russillo (his own pod and his new dual threat pod with the Ringer). I’ve just always enjoyed listening to him over every other sports personality. His dry sense of humor appeals to me.

2. Crimetown. It’s from the same guys that did the RFK tapes and it’s about the history of Providence Rhode Island and particularly the guy that was mayor there for decades. The guy Zac that puts the podcasts together is just really good with laying out the story and making it interesting.

3. Origins with James Andrew Miller. This is the guy that wrote the oral history of SNL and ESPN and in this podcast he covers a few different things from The Larry David Show to Nick Saban.

4. The Lowe Post. Zach Lowe’s NBA pod.

5. Rewatchables. This is the Ringer pod that recaps movies less than 20 years old that we love to rewatch. Bill Simmons does most of them and I’ve always enjoyed his style. This particular pod annoys the hell out of my wife because they can get super nerdy with their analysis and breakdowns, but I appreciate the ability to pay such close attention to a scene that you can talk about it for an hour.

I’ll have to check out that Caliphate pod.

Game Predictions

Seth: Let’s get to this week’s predictions. I don’t know how much we’ll learn about Texas Tech after playing Lamar and I’m predicting something like a 40 point win and that’s probably where I’ll set the over/under for this week. I could see 50-10 or something like that. Maybe a better game prediction will be whether or not Jett Duffey plays and I’m guessing he gets lots of playing time as a sub for Bowman.

Travis: I agree with you on the game. It should be an opportunity to make some things right and get some reps, particularly at the QB spot. I’m just hoping to see zero field goals and a ton of Red Raider touchdowns.


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