Tech Tarot 2018 – Houston

What is better than your father-in-law's barbecue?


I’d say that after last week’s game it’s safe to say Kingsbury stuck with his guns with Bowman and it paid off.

This week, we have the University of Houston darkening the archways of The Jones after absolutely trouncing one of the worst P5 squads I’ve ever seen in person. While I thought my powers of the mystic arts were vast, they apparently pale in comparison to those of Kevin Sumlin, who has bent the rules of time and space and made Khalil Tate bad. Scary impressive.

But enough of ex-Cougars, let’s look to Saturday, and what the cards portend.

Ah, The Star.

Inspiration & renewed hope, blessed by the universe. This could mean one of two things for Saturday. After shaking off the Ole Miss game, the defense actually played like we thought they would, giving Tech its first shutout in over 10 years. Furthermore, the offense truly clicked after the first few drives, even when starting the 3rd string RB. The quarterback looked to the right even, it was great. This is all under the caveat of playing a team from the Southland Conference, but it’s great to go out in Week 2 and take care of business like you’re supposed to, with the game never in doubt (*cough* Ole Miss *cough*).

However, this card can be equally auspicious for the Cougars. Tom Herman caused waves while at Houston, with his crowning achievement being the landing of 5-start defensive lineman Ed Oliver. Oliver is the caliber of player where, if he’s playing for your team, your team will have a shot. A highlight waiting to happen who could build a legitimate case for the Heisman. His prowess does more than just show up on the stat sheet, as he eats enough blocks to let his surrounding lineman get to work. Tech was able to limit Oliver last year in Houston, but when you’re playing him a second time you’re starting to play with probabilities. Houston will want to keep Tech’s offense horizontal, so it’s up to Kingsbury & Bowman to pop the top off and let it go.


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