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The Morning Stake | 2019.03.18

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Great to be Back. Well, it’s great to be back in the captain’s chair, just like the one and only Captain Kirk. The trip was terrific: USS Midway upon arrival, Legoland the next day, then the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, then Disneyland, and then a day at the beach and just relaxing.

I really recommend the safari park, we were there and it wasn’t crowded, probably because it’s a drive inland and the San Diego schools were not on spring break, but I preferred it to the actual zoo in San Diego. I liked the wide open spaces and found it to be very walkable. We just did Disneyland, not the Disneyland Adventure Park. We were already pretty short for time and to add in another park was probably too much. The best thing that happened is that we decided to grab a quick dinner around 5:15 and as we were walking up Main Street, we noticed that the ropes were there for the parade. We had not planned on staying for that, but I’m sure glad we did. Disney has that down to an absolute science and despite my kids being 9 and 7, they still waved at the characters and the music and dancing was just great. My kids grew up with Disney characters and to see them come to life was amazing as a parent to watch.

The beach is pretty terrific, there’s a spot you can get to the beach in Encinitas called Grandview Beach and it’s a pretty neat little spot. I went jogging a few times and jogged to Carlsbad and South Ponto Beach, which was also interesting. I ran on Sunday morning and there were people, just sitting in their cars watching the sunrise. Some people were eating breakfast in their cars and others were smoking cigarettes, just staring off into the distance. Others had gotten out of their car and just sort of walked along the beach for a bit. Anyway, the water is cold, it makes you feel alive even if you’re just getting your feet wet. We ended the trip at a little restaurant on the 101 called Fish 101 and the Fish tacos were absolutely spectacular.

The worst thing about coming back is that I’ve got a ton to catch up on and there’s already so much going on as it is. It’s a great time to follow your Red Raiders and I appreciate you all not complaining too much about me not being around. I’ll be around the rest summer, maybe a three-day weekend here and there.

Brackets. I’m going to ask that you hold off for a day for any official bracket to complete to compete for the site. I may get this sponsored, so give me a day to see if it happens. At the latest, we’ll do it tomorrow, heck or high water.

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Texas Tech Softball

More Wins. I don’t remember what the number of wins was before I left town, but over the weekend, the ladies notched 3 of 4 wins over the weekend, a win against Murray State, North Alabama, and Maine. The only loss was a 3-5 loss to Memphis, where the tournament was located. The overall record before conference play is 27-2 Up next is a weekend series at home against Oklahoma. That’s going to be really tough.

Texas Tech Baseball

So Close. Texas Tech lost 2 of 3 on the road in Austin against the Longhorns. The two losses were 4-3 and I didn’t get to watch the game on Sunday, but the Friday night game was essentially decided by a booted ball from Josh Jung, a rare error for him, and he saved a couple of runs on the win on Saturday. These were close games and your man Keith has updated the series thread. Texas Tech will host Michigan starting on Thursday through Saturday. The good news is that the freshmen starters pitched their tails off and that’s probably going to bode really well the rest of the way. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Texas Tech Basketball

Tulsa, Here We Come. Personally, I didn’t really have any doubt, I thought that Texas Tech would get seeded in Tulsa as the #3 seed. That’s exactly what happened as the Red Raiders will take on the Northern Kentucky Norse on TNT. I’ll have a post breaking down the Tulsa bracket and of course, we’ll have coverage leading up to Friday afternoon.

Texas Tech Football

Saddle Up. Texas Tech will debut a new docu-series (not really even sure if that’s the right term) where there will be behind the scenes footage of the Texas Tech football team, including practice. I think it will be Texas Tech’s version of hardknocks. The series will debut on Monday night on TexasTech.TV, which will require a subscription, and then it will be released the next day to the other social media channels.

A Commit. This is on my list of things to do, but Texas Tech secured the commitment of Anna athlete Abner Dubar (6-1/180). Dubar plays safety and running back and I think he’s projected as a safety. Dubar is rated as a 3-star player according to 24/7 and had just 3 offers early in the process, Texas Tech, Houston, and Illinois State.


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