It’s Time to APR: Texas Tech’s 2017-18 APR Scores

What’s APR?

I will not get into the weeds on how all of this all works, but the NCAA released the APR scores yesterday for the 2017-18 academic years. You should know that 930 is a terrible score and if your team scores this then your team is not eligible for post-season play. I believe that 1,000 is a perfect score, so that’s the scale that we’re dealing with. An APR score is essentially how well you are graduating players and if players transfer, are they going to class and on track to graduate. So I don’t think you get dinged for transfers, you just get dinged for players who transfer who stop going to class. If you would like to become an expert, then go to the NCAA website. Most of the time, the success or failure of programs is directly related to the resources that a program has, the better the resources (i.e. money) the more likely the program is to stay on top of this APR score.

I’d also add that the APR score is not based off of one year, but is a four-year rolling average.

With that being said, here is the latest for the men’s and women’s programs for the 2017-2018 season:

As you’ll note, the two teams that are closes to the 930 score are football and basketball. In fact, both football and basketball have the lowest APR score in the Big 12.

This is for football.

And basketball.

Football has always been in the 940’s range for the most part and even back in the day, it was quite terrible, 2004-05 and 2006-07. So yeah, Leach, Tuberville, Kingsbury all deserve some blame for having less than stellar APR scores (again, this means graduating players and players in good standing).

I’d like to see this improve. If you want to search for any sport, the database is here so knock yourself out. The women’s programs are all in good shape so I don’t know that they need much discussion other than congrats and good job. And the only reason why this is a big deal is because if you string together some low scores, it can be awfully difficult to pull yourself out of it.


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