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The Morning Stake | 2019.06.10

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Omaha. Man, I don’t see how people watch post-season baseball on a regular basis. I mentioned in the staff-chat that post-season hockey is the most nerve-wracking sport for me to watch and post-season baseball is second. I don’t know what’s third, but those are the top two for me.

And in the celebration thread yesterday, I wrote that Kurt Wilson pinch hit and that was so incorrect. He played the whole game. One of my worst traits is remembering things, even though they just happen, it’s why I actually take notes during a football game and when I don’t do that, I’ll forget seemingly obvious things, or just sort of mis-remember them. Anyway, the point is that I mess up a lot.

What A Spring. Patrick Mahomes wins the NFL MVP, men’s basketball plays in the national championship game, meat-judging, pom, cheer, and men’s track and field all win national titles, and now the baseball team plays in Omaha.

Texas Tech Track and Field

National Champion. The women finished up on Saturday and Zarriea Willis swept the indoor and outdoor high jump.

Bringing Home the Title. And yesterday, the men’s track and field team brought home the NCAA National Championship trophy. Very cool moment.

Texas Tech Golf

Texas Tech Baseball

Up Next. You can check out the Lubbock Super Regional Thread. The next game won’t even be until June 15th, so there’s plenty of time. The bracket has Michigan, Texas Tech, and Florida State advancing on one side of the bracket with Ole Miss and Arkansas playing today to determine who advances between the two of them. On the other side of the bracket Vanderbilt, Louisville, and Mississippi State advance with UNC and Auburn playing today to determine the 4th member of that second bracket.

This is pretty cool. No audio other than the crowd.

Same thing here, no audio other than the actual moment as it speaks for itself.

This is J-Bob Thomas, the best recruiter in college baseball.

And locker room after the game.

Texas Tech Basketball


Texas Tech Football

Final Out. I think head coach Matt Wells and his son has been to every home game since the TCU series (this is according to some of the staff here at STP) and I do know that baseball has been a huge deal for Wells’ son and it looks like Coach and son will be going to Omaha. Aside from that, this is a pretty good video of the final out as well.


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