Report: Josh Jung to Sign with Rangers

Go get paid.

Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant is reporting, with T.R. Sullivan confirming, that junior Texas Tech infielder Josh Jung will sign with the Texas Rangers at a press conference tomorrow.

When players sign, each pick has an amount that the player should sign for, but these amounts are not guaranteed and have to be negotiated. Jung’s slot for the #8 overall pick is $5,176.900, but Jung could sign for less than that, which is pretty typical in these situations as it is unlikely that he would return to Texas Tech and also most likely not be a top 10 pick next year because seniors are drafted much lower because they have no leverage when it comes to signing.

Jung will be officially announced tomorrow at a press conference.

Congrats to Jung, head coach Tim Tadlock, and everyone else associated with helping Jung achieve his dream. Next stop is the Show.


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