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The Morning Stake | 2019.07.05

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Hope You Had a Happy 4th. I hope everyone is safe and sound and you all had a safe and happy 4th of July. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this, but I hate fireworks, the kind that you can buy at the stand and shoot yourself. They are assuredly more lame than the fireworks that you can watch from just about any town’s show, even if you sit in a parking lot a little aways from the event. And the cost-benefit has never added up to me as the idea of a cheaply made exploding device with no one to really sue for liability that could maim you or your kids pretty easily has never tipped the scales into the “it’s totally worth it” category. I get that kids like this sort of thing. I liked it as a kid, but as an adult those fireworks are trash.

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Warren Signs with Cincinnati. Cameron Warren, for me one of the most likable student-athletes for Texas Tech in my recent memory, probably because he’s always got a grin or smile on his face, has made it official and will start his professional career with the Cincinnati Reds. Go Wreck’Em!

Jung Makes it Official with Rangers. On Wednesday, Josh Jung made it official and signed with the Texas Rangers, about $4.4 million as a signing bonus. #GoRangers

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Evans Impresses in Summer League. Someone sign Keenan Evans to an NBA deal, I can almost all but promise you won’t regret it. A lead guard who can shoot and isn’t a liability on defense is a player that can play in today’s NBA.

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Screensavers. Need a new screensaver for your phone?

High Octane. CBS Sports’ Ben Kercheval writes about players, teams, and games that will feature a lot of offense:

4. Texas Tech at Arizona (Sept. 14): If the Khalil Tate experience is back and indeed fully realized, this will be college football acid. Texas Tech should be much better off if quarterback Alan Bowman is his old self again, and a shootout certainly seems likely. I am 100 percent here for an average touchdown drive of four plays over 69 yards (nice).

Preseason Picks. A lot of writers are releasing their Big 12 preseason picks and Ian Boyd at SportsTreatise take a shot picking Texas Tech 6th, with the top 10 being Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas State, West Virginia, Kansas State, West Virginia and Kansas. I think that there is probably more disagreement about how the Big 12 will shake out than there has been in years and this is going to make for what is probably the most fascinating season that I can recall in recent years.


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