Texas Tech Football Scratch Pad | Defensive Line Gets Upper Hand

It is football time.

We have your non-transcript for the day as well as whatever else I can find as practice heats up.

Head coach Matt Wells:

  • There are several in that freshman class that are competing, Tyrique Matthews, Quinton Williams, Dadrion Taylor, Quan Watts, Alex Hogan, when he gets healthy, Trey Cleveland, just freshmen, who are in the mix for a role.
  • I think 5 practices is enough to say that they are going to be in the mix, can they continue to push through the mental fatigue.
  • [If running backs will feature Armand Shyne] Too early to tell, sure that it will be a three-headed monster.
  • Armand Shyne is banged up, day-to-day, same thing with McLane Mannix.
  • Critical for individual success because it breeds success, but your teammates gain confidence in you, stacking success day-after-day.
  • [On offensive line] Didn’t think that today was very good, thought the defense kicked their butt today, offensive line had done a nice job the past 2 days protecting the passer and running the football.
  • [Defensive standouts] Jordyn Brooks, Adrian Frye and Douglas Coleman have done good jobs, Broderick Washington has done a good job inside. Nick McCann has been consistent. Eli Howard has done a good job, Eli is like the energizer bunny, relentless pass rusher and tremendous motor, to get our guys to be overachievers.
  • Erik Ezukanma, he’s stacking it every day, EZ is tough and physical, rarely busts assignments, strong hands, he works, he’s a grinder and he makes plays day-after-day, a little unassuming, he’s going to be a good college player for the next 4 years. A second year player acts like a vet, nothing phases him, whether it is the competition or the heat, he’s had a very physical 5 days.
  • [On R.J. Turner] We did not miss on him, he and EZ are on the left side, they both block, R.J. is going to have a good season.
  • T.J. Vasher has not been brash, not trying to gain attention, he’s also worried about himself playing at the highest level.
  • Alante Brown has not qualified yet.
  • All 4 grad transfers are strong-minded men, work hard, they grind, good off the field and all will be in a major role.
  • I think it is cross-training.
  • Maverick McIvor has a bright future, lots of things being thrown at him, going with the 2’s and 3’s, lots of things we ask of the quarterback in this offense in getting the call and telling receivers, running back what to do, there’s a lot coming at him, he’s got good arm talent.
  • [On the status of the quarterbacks] I’m looking for who the #2 is right now. I’m looking for the best #2 and not sure who it is today.
  • Austin going to be a good punter, Cody has had his spots, not a ton of pressure on them yet.
  • 1’s and 2’s, we’ll go 1’s on 1’s, we’ll have a Big 12 crew in here, go situational.
  • [On reps with Maverick McIvor in comparison to other quarterbacks] He’s getting just the same.

Tight Ends Coach Luke Wells:

  • Utilized in both, had a lot of guys, fortunately were able to run the ball in the 2nd half. Our tight ends are at the point of attack in the run game, we do want to play fast and run the football, they are going to be on the field the entire time, stretch the field vertically.
  • Donta Thompson has done a really nice job, he’s been like a sponge, trains a lot, does extra things, works on his footwork off the field, the last 3 or 4 practices, he’s really come along, I’ve been really proud of him.
  • [On the offense at Ventura College with Travis Koontz] The offense he was in at Ventura, didn’t feature him they played him at different times, when we saw his video, we saw the capability to stretch the field vertically, he’s got some toughness to him, former wrestler.
  • Travis Carr to Dax, totally different guys, with our guys, you’ve got DT and Koontz, Tyler Carr, they are different body types and skill-sets, Dax was an ex quarterback and receiver, Travis does a really good job bending his knees and striking people and learning the passing game.
  • Tyler is doing a nice job, really nice kid, a tough kid, naturally a really good run blocker up front, this spring and summer he’s improved his passing game, nice hands.
  • We’re all pitching in and at the end of the day we want to score a lot of points, it is more technique related, those guys have to do a little after and before practice, spend time with the O-line and receivers.
  • The H-position, they look better than the spring, Dalton Rigdon, McLane Mannix, those are guys that are flying, flying with fanatical effort, Xavier White is a local kid who could be in the mix as well.

News, Notes, and Links

A-J Media’s Don Williams and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz have notebooks from yesterday that follow along the non-transcript, but those guys are actually professionals who actually report on things. Part of that report is that defensive end Lonzell Gilmore, tackle Terrence Steele, and defensive back Alex Hogan are injured and working through some strength and conditioning.

24/7 Sports Allen Trieu was the first to report (at least for me) that Alante Brown will not report to Texas Tech and take a prep year at St. Thomas More in Connecticut. As the non-transcript notes, Wells said that Brown had simply not qualified.

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