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The Morning Stake | 2019.08.19

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College Football Basically Here. Well, our good friends at have the football schedule and well, football starts this Saturday. There will be many jokes about how you’ve “made it yet through another offseason” but for me, this offseason sort of went by like a blink of an eye. Of course, that’s probably pretty normal when you have a team play for a National Championship and another team go to Omaha. There’s a lot less days that you have to fill. In any event, here’s your weekend slate of games with Thursday games happening as well:

Villanova at Colgate 11:00 am CBSSN / CBSSN Video
Samford vs. Youngstown State (Montgomery) 2:00 pm ESPN / ESPN Video
Florida vs. Miami (Orlando) 6:00 pm ESPN / ACCN / SECN / Video: ESPN / Skycam
Arizona at Hawaii 9:30 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video

Texas Tech Volleyball

Texas Tech Soccer

Texas Tech Downs Denver, 2-1. A nice preseason friendly for the ladies as they downed Denver, 2-1, Jade King and Kirsten Davis each scoring to lead the way. Shots on goal was 17 to 7 in favor of Texas Tech and the ladies will go to San Diego on Thursday to play the San Diego State Aztecs, then Sunday in Albuquerque against New Mexico on Sunday.

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Bahamas Tour Ends with Loss. Your guy LaBarre is going to havea full write-up of the games at noon, including yesterday’s loss to Mega Bemax. Davide Morett, Chris Clarke, and Jahmi’us Ramsey all did not play in the final game, so I think it was about see what else Beard has in terms of the team.

Texas Tech Football

Texas Tech vs. Florida International in 2021. Just two short seasons away. A-J Media’s Don Williams reports that Texas Tech will open the 2021 season with Florida International in a Thursday night tilt, with a guarantee payout of $1.4 million, the highest amount over the next decade. This means that Texas Tech and Lamar have rescinded their game and that Texas Tech is absolved of their obligations with the Cardinals if Texas Tech can agree to play SFA, but that contract isn’t complete. Texas Tech apparently also moved their 2020 game with Wyoming to assist another team, so look for an FCS opponent.

Podcastin’. I joined The Short Side Option Podcast to discuss Texas Tech things and the last question was whether I was over or under on the projected win total of 6.5 wins. I went under and I was apparently the only Big 12 blogger that did so (there were still a couple of others that needed to be interviewed). Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo also takes the under on 6.5 wins and my thinking is that 6 wins seems about right and the right mix of optimistic without being unrealistic.

Possibly Overlooked. Heartland College Sports Pete Mundo wonders if Texas Tech is being overlooked by the preseason prognosticators and why the hell not.

Fandemonium. The two little kids going down the Soul Train dance line are Joel Filani’s and they’re all sorts of cute.

Scrimmage Notes. There was not a lot to the scrimmage to report to you. There was the minute’s worth of video put out by the athletic department and I think that was about it.

Move-In Day. If you want to feel old, it is the class of 2023.


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