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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.13

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

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Running Late. If you ever wanted an indication as to whether or not I’m running late, it would certainly be as to when I post the Morning Stake. Today is one of those mornings. I’m throwing this together starting at 5:42 and I just finished the preview (i.e. just hit save). If you’ll notice that I usually publish the Morning Stake around 4:40 or so on Monday’s and Wednesday’s because those are the days that I get on the treadmill and run for an hour, so those days I almost always publish early. On Wednesday nights I’m usually taking Youssouf to soccer practice and I don’t get home until 9:00 and I’m ready to hit the hay by the time I get the boys in bed so I have to wake up and write the Morning Stake that morning.

The other item is that if I just include links, you know that it’s really bad or I’ve moved onto other things. And of course, my tardiness started this weekend when I was out of sorts without air conditioning at the house and staying with my parents for a few nights. I couldn’t hole up and do the things I normally do. An open weekend will certainly help get me back on track (I hope).

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Texas Tech Basketball

Exhibition Game vs. UTEP. Texas Tech will open up the season against UTEP on October 12th in an exhibition game in El Paso, withe the proceeds of any tickets sales ($10 a ticket) a non-profit that supports the victims of the El Paso shooting.

Upside. Ridiculous Upside’s Dakota Schmidt writes about why Matt Mooney could be a great player for the Memphis Hustle:

That connection with the Texas Tech forward comes from how 6’3 prospect stood out as one of their main facilitators during his lone year with the team. As the aforementioned forward did a lot of damage within the pick-and-roll, Mooney was the man to make the precise passes that allowed Owens to get clean looks at the rim. This connection was one of the factors behind the Texas Tech guard averaging a career-high 3.3 assists per game with a 1.3 Ast/TO ratio, which placed him 10th in the Big 12.

Kentucky vs. Texas Tech Game Time Set. A 5:00 p.m. tip is prime time for Game Day.

Texas Tech Football

Uniform. This week it will be black helmet with a white jersey and pants. Arizona will wear a white helmet, blue jersey and white pants.


AT&T vs. Disney. This is your final heads-up for those of you who have an AT&T platform in that the Disney owned channels, which includes ESPN, ABC, etc. could be pulled from any AT&T platform, which includes DirecTV, U-Verse, etc. Details at Awful Annoucning. I’ve suggested that if you have issues, you should consider subscribing to YouTube.TV for a short trial tomorrow or Hulu. Supposedly, there’s a chance that those stations could be pulled tonight.


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