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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.30

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The Best There Ever Was. Deadspin, Renaldo Major has scored 5,000 points in the G-League and made the Show just one time:

Major sloughed off his jersey, and for a moment, he considered taking it home. Stealing it. Of course he had dreamt of making the NBA, but really, it was his father, a Chicago police officer, who wanted most to see his son mixing it up with the world’s best. Major had already accomplished his main goal—he wasn’t a DNP. He was officially a part of the NBA—“in the books,” he says. But he thought how much the jersey would mean to his dad, and how easy it’d be to casually fold the No. 12 dark blue uniform into his bag and slip out into the L.A. night.

Eventually, though, he tossed it into the Warriors’ laundry bin. I’ll make another NBA team, he thought, and it won’t be on a 10-day contract. “And when I get a real jersey, it’ll be mine forever,” Major told me this past spring, recounting his first—and only—NBA game.

In the 12 years since that game, Major has had open heart surgery, and several years later emergency jaw surgery after a teammate sucker-punched him during practice. Major has also scored more than 5,000 points in the NBA’s Developmental League (now called the G League, for sponsorship reasons)—the most of any player, ever—and is the most successful player in that league’s existence. But he never went back to the Show. Never got another shot. Never another chance to get a real jersey.

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Annual Retreat. Please click on the basketball Twitter, there’s lots of photos from their weekend so please check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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Expecting More. A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about how the two lines have been less than stellar for Texas Tech:

Expecting a whole lot from them wasn’t realistic, but solid play from the line and the defense is. Those are the areas of the team loaded with experience. As to the line, Tech’s been held under 17 points two games in a row and, while it’s certainly not all on them, they have to show the way to more.

Through non-conference play, Tech’s ability to close space and tackle had been good enough. Against Oklahoma, abysmal. The Sooners had a lot to do with that, but still, Tech’s showing: abysmal.

I was going to write this long paragraph about how I’m not as emotionally invested in sports in general as I was a few years ago, which is true. It’s been a decade of mediocracy for the football so I guess that will do it to you. Our own Keith Patrick mentioned on the Slack thread that Texas Tech is now a .500 team for the past decade. A decade of .500 football. Not terrible, which I almost wish at this point that someone would have been terrible because then the athletic director would have been able to act a little sooner, but being .500, there’s that chance that everything is going to be just fine.

I’m rambling at this point, it stinks to be where the program is right now. I hope we see improvement over the course of the season and I hope the offensive staff Jett Duffey become a zone-read quarterback and the staff let him run his ass off this week. Let’s. Get. Crazy.


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