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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.09

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Why Army Men Look Like They’re From World War II. Via MelMagazine, we get the reason why Army Men still look like they’re from World War II:

After looking into this, though, I found that little green army men weren’t always from World War II. In fact, they actually predate the war. “They were introduced around 1938 by the Bergen Toy and Novelty Company and they spun off from earlier toy soldiers that have been around for centuries,” explains Michelle Parnett-Dwyer, the curator of the Strong Museum of Play, which is the home of the National Toy Hall of Fame. Prior to 1938, toy soldiers were made from metal and lead, and — in addition to them being toys — they were used by adult model makers and even military personnel for plotting battles. But when more and more stuff began to be made out of plastic, these new army men proved to be way safer than their metal-stabbing, lead-poisoning predecessors.

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Kansas Opens Practice with Snoop Dogg, Stripper Poles, and Cannon Shooting Fake Money With Marijuana. Via Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde reports that Kansas opened their season with a late night practice session at the Phog with Snoop Dogg who had dancers on stripper poles, and then Snoop (not sure if I can call him by his first name) shooting a money cannon with rake $100 bills with his likeness and marijuana symbols on it. I’m not necessarily opposed to stuff like this, but Kansas just received a pretty severe Notice of Allegations, and the Kansas AD said that he had no idea that these sorts of things would happen. Of course with Snoop Dogg, to expect anything less than stripper poles and marijuana with his show would be a surprise.

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More Accolades.

Takeaway Tuesday.

Yost Media Availability. RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz recaps offensive coordinator’s David Yost’s media availability where he said that Duffey still have things to improve upon:

Duffey graded out at a 91 percent against the Cowboys, according to Yost. The pressure is always on though as Yost explained the negatives. He said for as many positives as Duffey had, there were as many negatives – negatives such as missing a check down, a throw here or there.

“Our numbers were a little bit higher in that way than we’d like it to be but it’s stuff we can correct, and stuff he can work on,” Yost said. “That’s the positive side to that but really a nice job controlling the game, being in control, executing what we were calling. He did a nice job in protecting the football, especially.”

Yost said Duffey’s confidence has risen now that he’s comfortable with the reigns in his hands. Yost added that was something he is starting to see consistently from Duffey on the practice field.

Yost also discusses how Baylor likes to zone things up, which is not what Oklahoma State did, but what Oklahoma and Arizona did. Go ahead and click on over.

Notebook. A-J Media’s Don Williams also reports on the Yost media session also has info on how Yost sees the Baylor defense:

“They drop eight,” Tech wide receiver Erik Ezukanma said after Tuesday’s practice, “so it’s going to be a lot of short routes, be able to break tackles and take it to the crib (end zone).”

Baylor is fourth in the Big 12 and No. 36 in the FBS in pass defense, allowing 195 yards per game, and Tech offensive coordinator David Yost said the Bears have done a good job minimizing big pass plays.

“They play a lot more zone than man through the first five games they’ve played,” Yost said. “That’s part of, schematically, how they do it. Their corners do a great job of staying on top of things and coming up and making tackles.

“For five games, when you watch their explosive pass (allowed) tape, it’s very minimal. You don’t see a lot of one-on-one conversions down the field. That’s a challenge for us to find ways to still make explosive plays without just being able to throw go routes.”

There’s also a quarterback update on injuries with Maverick McIvor and Alan Bowman (they’re still a bit away).

McLane Carter to Medically Retire. Via NBC Sports, former Texas Tech quarterback McLane Carter, who had transferred to Rutgers, will have to medically retire after suffering a concussion against Iowa early in the season.

Mount Vernon Facing Possible Forfeiture. DallasNews’ Joe Hoyt reports that the high school that Art Briles is at maybe be in a bit of hot water:

Mount Vernon’s football team, coached by former Baylor head coach Art Briles, faces the possibility of forfeiting up to five games after a district executive committee ruled unanimously Tuesday that two players were ineligible.

The 6-0 vote, confirmed by two superintendents, reverses a 7-3A Division I DEC decision made three weeks ago that upheld the players’ eligibility. The Sept. 18 vote was 3-0, with three superintendents abstaining. It’s unclear at the moment what new information was provided between the two public meetings, causing the change in ruling.

The players, Brock and Cameron Nellor, were ruled to have moved into the district for athletic purposes. Briles and Mount Vernon received a public reprimand, but no forfeitures were handed down by the committee, Mount Vernon ISD Superintendent Jason McCullough told The Dallas Morning News in a statement.


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