Staking The Plains Xmas List: Barware Gifts

We being our Staking The Plains Christmas Lists. We being with Michael’s Barware Gifts

Back when most of this staff was at Viva The Matadors, we did Christmas Lists for a couple years. The first year, when I was a baby blogger, I did kids gifts. The second year, as a grew older and wiser, I did college gifts.

Now my blogger life is a little bit older…old enough to drink. This year, I will be introducing gifts for the drinker in your life, perhaps college kid who is now 21 or an uncle who loves a good scotch by the fire.

When I turned 21, apparently my family thought I was an alcoholic and got me a lot of drinking related gifts (I think about 6 or 7). So here’s some gifts you could get the alcohol love in your life.

Caruva Horchata Cream Liqueur

Whenever you give someone a bottle for Christmas, usually it’s something smooth, like Bailey’s Irish Cream or Egg Nogg. Nothing that’s going to kick their ass and leave them passed out at the Christmas party. That’s where Caruva Horchata Cream Liqueur comes in.

This smooth drink tastes like Horchata with that liqueur flavor with them. It’s easily a drink you can sit on the couch and watch your favorite team with at the end of a long day. Also, it only has 12.5 alcohol by volume, so it’s going to take more than your average hard drink to have consequences.

I first got this drink when I turned 21 and have gotten it for Christmas ever since from my family. I guarantee I get again this year.

Texas Tech Rock Glasses

Now that they have the drinks, they need something to pour it in. And not a red solo cup or that cheap $10 glass set they got from Walmart. Give them rock glasses for Christmas, a fancier glass designer for liquor, rum and whisky drinkers.

The ones I am showcasing here have the Texas Tech logo on there. But if you’re like me, with there no other Texas Tech fans in your family or friends back home, there’s other logos your can pick. Maybe a favorite sports team or movie will work as well.

Just make sure your cousin doesn’t use it to drink milk. He’s banned from ever using my rock glasses ever again.

Personalized Bottle Opener

Enough of those cheap bottle openers you get at festivals or gas stations. Get them a personalized bottle cap opener with their name and something personal on it, that way when someone doesn’t “accidentally” take theirs.

The one I am showing here is nice metal one that works great and looks nice. However, I know some like their bottle their fridge (I mean, that’s where the beer is, right?). There are also personalized magnetic ones you can get as well.

Texas Tech Coasters

Whenever I started living by myself, do you know what was the hardest thing to find? Damn coasters. I don’t why they are so difficult to find. I get it’s not a necessity, but you’d figure the bigger stores would have them.

So here’s some Texas Tech coasters you can get your family member or friend. They’re also pretty nice, not the cheap plastic ones you see at stores when they are there.

The best part? They have bottle openers on the bottom of them. Nowadays we have apps for people to order fast food for us. You think they want to to the kitchen and get a bottle opener if they forgot to open it? No way. This solves that problem.


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