Super Episode with Dinger Derby | 23 Personnel Podcast – 145

Buckle up.

Spencer and Michael are joined by Keith of the Dinger Derby Podcast to discuss everything from basketball, baseball, football, best and worst uniforms, being sports sad, and the best Tech logos.



  • Still waiting to hear announcements of returning/professional intentions from Ramsey and Moretti


  • Post season rankings
  • State of the draft 
  • College baseball particulars
  • Upcoming waiver
  • Logjam
  • Arlington 
  • Shriners


  • Caesars release 2020 win totals
    • Tech 6
  • 2 TE commits (Jed Castles and ?) 
  • Position previews
    • Offensive line
    • Linebackers

Silly Stuff?

  • Tech’s best/worst unis
  • Techs best logo
  • Tech bingo
  • Sports movies

Kyle’s What If Series?

  • What if Tech hired Rich Rod instead of Leach
  • What if Tech left for the Pac 16 in 2010
  • What if Michael Brewer never got injured in 2013
  • What if Jarrett Stidham enrolled at Tech in 2015
  • What if Tech hired Chad Morris instead of Kingsbury
  • What if Tech hired Ruffin McNeill to replace Leach

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