Washington Picked by Ravens in 5th Round; Bruffy, Steele, & Coleman Sign Free Agent Deals

Congrats to defensive tackle Broderick Washington as he was picked 170th overall and in the 5th round by the Baltimore Ravens. There are few things that I trust more than the Ravens making draft picks, so this is actually really encouraging. I’d also add that this is much higher than I would have guessed that Washington would have been picked, so I’m incredibly excited for Washington that he was picked as high as he was. Talk about a guy that stuck with the program, bought in to each and every coach and continued to work and make his way to getting drafted. I would have also figured that not being able to work out for teams would have hurt him, but again, that’s not what happened. Very excited for this.

Washington talked to his position coach, Paul Randolph, after he was picked.

In addition to Washington, Travis Bruffy was signed by the Green Bay Packers, Terence Steele was signed by the Dallas Cowboys, and Douglas Coleman was signed by the Denver Broncos. I think those are really the only seniors that saw a significant amount of playing time this past year.

Good luck to all three young men and I hope you all wreck shop.

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