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The Morning Stake | 2020.06.16

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What a day. There were actually two significant things that happened yesterday in this student-athlete led NCAA so let’s try to recap.

1. Iowa fired long-time strength and conditioning coach, Chris Doyle, or maybe they mutually parted ways with the S&C coach receiving $1.1 million to go away. Student-athletes spoke up last week about mistreatment of the players within the programs. Doyle said he never stepped over the line, but there were situations where African-American student athletes that they had to change their hairstyle because it wasn’t “Iowa” enough. Additionally, Doyle ran 13 Iowa players to the point that they were hospitalized with Rhabdomyolysis, which is caused by overexertion. There are normally just 200,000 cases in the US a year. Again, this happens because former players spoke up about how there was a different way that players of color were treated.

2. Imagine explaining this next one just 4 months ago. Mike Gundy was seen wearing an OAN t-shirt. The mere fact that we’re doing this is odd. OAN is a television network that is considered right-leaning. Whatever. I think this is a part of the story, but I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Heisman hopeful running back Chuba Hubbard took to twitter and basically said that he wasn’t doing anything until “things” change. The “things” is probably pretty key here. This wasn’t necessarily about a t-shirt, unlike Gundy who did fire a carpenter about 7 years ago for wearing an OU t-shirt, this was most likely about how these student athletes are being treated. Some former players spoke up about some of the treatment that players have received. By the end of the evening, Hubbard and Gundy had a video message where Gundy said he needed to work on things and Hubbard actually apologized for tweeting, which I don’t think he did anything wrong, but Hubbard said he should have gone to Gundy first.

Personally, I’ve got one helluva story about Gundy that I’m not at liberty to discuss publicly, but he is not as clean as the first driven snow. We are again seeing student-athletes force change by speaking out and organizing and sticking together. It doesn’t matter that these student-athletes are treated well already. If that’s your point, then you’re missing the point entirely. The football players and men’s basketball players carry significant weight because of the money that they help bring in in terms of revenue. This is not going to go away.

Multiple players from the football team, women’s basketball, and track and field tested positive for COVID-19. I do not know that this is really news any longer. People are going to test positive so I don’t know that I’m going to make a huge deal of this. What I will make a huge deal of is if a student-athlete no longer can compete because of the virus, but that hasn’t happened so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams writes about the quarterback competition, both quarterbacks are coming off of injuries, Alan Bowman with a cracked collar bone and Maverick McIvor with a broken foot. This is good news about Bowman.

“He was making, I thought, really good strides and running the team and leading it the way we need him to,” Yost said. “And then he’s worked hard in the weight room. His weight is up. His strength is up. He understands he wants to be bigger, more durable, because he gets hit.

“The bottom line is we need him to stay healthy, we want him to stay healthy and that’s going to make us better.”

And here’s a bit on McIvor:

“Maverick was very much like a redshirt freshman,” Yost said. “There were periods where you’d say, ‘Wow, this is a Big 12 quarterback.’ Then there were periods we’d say, ‘OK, that’s not a Big 12 quarterback.’ But that’s a little bit to be expected.”

It is being reported that pitcher John McMillon has signed a deal with the Kansas City Royals so he won’t be returning. It stinks that the absolute most he can sign for is $20,000, but the Royals have been exemplary in taking care of their players this year. I know there were other seniors that still have that option to return, Brian Klein was one of them, that we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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