SaRodorick Thompson Arrested for June Street Racing; Should Play Against UT

It’s an arrest.

That’s quite the title for a blog post, but hopefully it is descriptive enough to describe what’s happened. Texas Tech running back SaRodorick Thompson was arrested today at 1:47 p.m. for the same June incident that resulted in the arrest of Texas Tech receiver Caden Leggett.

A statement (not sure by who, presumably by Texas Tech) was released regarding the incident:

“SaRodorick Thompson was notified late last week that there had been a misdemeanor warrant issued in his name. Thompson and his lawyer are currently cooperating with the Lubbock Police Department and have done so since the incident in late June. Texas Tech Athletics will handle the matter consistent with its student-athlete discipline policy and any discipline will be handled internally. Thompson is expected to play in Saturday’s Big 12 opener versus Texas.”

Legget played against Houston Baptist and so his punishment was handled during the preseason practice and if Thompson has been cooperating with the police since June, that this was already handled in terms of punishment? I don’t know, I tend to think there are some more questions than answers, but I don’t know. Avalanche-Journal article states that a Texas Tech athletics department official sent to police investigators a photo of Thompson’s license plate.

What’s my level of upsetness? Probably a 2 or a 3. Is street racing dumb? Yes. Lots of people drive too fast and have probably raced when they should not have. I’ve had 1 ticket in my life (knocks on wood) and it was for going 37 in a 30. Does it deserve a suspension? Probably not, especially if Thompson already was punished. Do I need to get worked up over this? Again, it seems there’s more there to this story and this arrest confuses me.


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