Texas Tech Football Notebook: Tracking the 15 Transfers Out and 5 Transfers In

Who is leaving and who is arriving?

One of the things that I think I’ve had to get a handle on is the number of transfers out of the program rather than the transfers into the program. I have the tendency to think that the transfers out aren’t that big of a deal, but that’s probably a bit of bias showing there. I thought it would be useful to track who is coming in and who is going out.


If the destination of the player is known, it is in parentheses. A player that I believe is a walk-on is noted with an asterisk.

1. QB Alan Bowman
2. WR La’Lynn Polk (Washington)
3. WR KeSean Carter (Houston)
4. WR Caden Leggett
5. WR Kevin Terry* (Kansas)
6. TE Simon Gonzalez (SMU)
7. OL Will Farrar
8. DT Nick McCann (Texas State)
9. LB Xavier Benson
10. LB Chance Cover*
11. DB Alex Hogan (Houston)
12. DB Ryan Frank
13. DB John Davis (North Texas)
14. DB Devyn Butler*
15. DB Ja’Marcus Ingram

That’s 15 total players who have transferred and of those 15 players, that’s 3 of them who are walk-on’s and so that’s 12 scholarship layers who transferred.

There was also an abundance of defensive backs who transferred, 5 of the 15 transfers were defensive backs with 4 of the 5 being scholarship players. The next biggest position affected was receiver with 4 total transfers and 3 of the 4 being scholarship players.


The program where these players are transferring from is in parentheses.

1. OL T.J. Storment (TCU)
2. LB Jesiah Pierre (Florida)
3. DB Rayshad Williams (UCLA)
4. DB Marquis Waters (Duke)
5. DB Malik Dunlap (NC State)

With so many defensive back transfers, this position group did need an influx and of the 5 transfers into the program 3 of them were defensive backs.

Obviously receiver is a position where losing so many scholarship players could be a bit of an issue in terms of depth, especially considering Carter was incredibly involved in the offense and Polk was a rising freshman who performed well in his first year. You tend to not think that sort of numbers won’t affect you, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it will have an affect, whether it be depth or production.

And from the numbers overall, that’s a net loss of 7 scholarship players that have departed the program.

And if you’re bored this weekend (because a large percentage of you may be at home due to the snow and cold weather coming up this weekend and next week), take a look at the 24/7 Sports transfer portal page where you can look to see who is in the portal and see if they’ve committed somewhere.


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