Texas Tech Basketball: Hester Presser; Womble Grand Opening

Let’s talk hoops.

A couple of items from today, which is new assistant coach Talvin Hester met with the media and I did a non-transcript of that and the Womble will open up officially next week.

I also know that it’s been tough to keep up with who Texas Tech has offered and I know that 24/7 Sports has a site, but another alternative is Verbal Commits where they list a bunch of high school players who have been offered. This isn’t perfect and it isn’t a complete list, I don’t think, but it is another alternative.

Assistant Coach, Talvin Hester

How happy I am to be part of Coach Adams’ staff and looking forward to being part of this Texas Tech family and Lubbock community.

[re. how he got the Texas Tech job] Yeah we crossed paths all of the time on the road, to be honest, my connection was being a guy from Texas, aside from being in Texas, I was in Oklahoma and Louisiana, always recruited Texas hard and it my reputation was a guy that does it the right way and was really excited about it.

I am not very popular in Ft. Collins right now, am from Arlington Texas and am from near home and could not pass that opportunity up at an institution like Texas Tech and sometimes opportunities come up in opportune times and I had to take advantage of it and get things rolling.

[re. his relationship with Mark Adams] I’ve recruited and been at Howard before, I didn’t have a strong relationship, he reached out to people I knew really well, I’ve worked with them, they spoke highly of me and my work ethic and I’ve worked for some great coaches and Texas and they recommended me and that’s how I got here.

[Re. the Womble] Really good, it is next level, I was part of the staff at Houston and thought it was unbelievable and these are next level, these facilities are going to be huge and will continue the success we’ve had over the past few years and am glad to be a part of it.

[What he will add to the staff] Continue to push the culture, that’s what you do as an assistant coach, I look forward to be part of the whole scheme, as far as defensive game plan, development of game plan, recruiting kids to come to Texas Tech, and being part of this community, we’ll push that greatness, I have unbelievable confidence in Coach Adams’ ability to win games.

[Has he coached in Lubbock] Just driving through and recruiting the area, never coached a game in Lubbock, have coached in every Division I league in this state, when I was at Houston, we played Texas Tech in Las Vegas.

[Has he seen the players] I didn’t get to see them work out, I didn’t get into town until Tuesday, I have watched some kids, I am a basketball nut and am pretty familiar with the kids here, they have been developing since the season ended, Coach Adams is showing development and moving forward, I am confident when we get on the floor in the summer and the development process and good things are ahead of us.

Womble Grand Opening Next Week

Next Thursday, May 13th, the Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center will have its grand opening at 4:00 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Apparently you have to RSVP and you can call to attend.

This is a huge event for Texas Tech and the culmination of a significant contribution from the Womble family.

Just viewing the schematics, it’s turned out even better than what was originally planned.


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