Weekend Open Thread | 2021.12.11

It’s half a weekend.

Good morning. I finally knocked something on my list of things to do, which is to add the 2022 Texas Tech Football Commits page (at the top of the page or if you are on the mobile, it should be on the left) I annually create a page to keep track of the commits. This year time constraints kept me from doing that until I had a weekend without a game, which was this weekend. Which was weird to have no sports for a weekend. I always enjoy doing the embedded map (which is also embedded in the page linked above) and this year it was a bit different as there were 3 players from Cedar Hill. Sort of had to just pick some points near the high school to make that work.

For the record, I did get presents wrapped, was the first person to have wrapped presents under the tree, and they look terrible (because I’m just not as good as my wife at doing those things) and have just about ordered everything that I need to buy.


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