Texas Tech Football: Joey McGuire Discusses First Scrimmage

It’s always a good day.

Head coach Joey McGuire met with the media after the scrimmage on Saturday. As always, this is a non-transcript, something where I type as quickly as possible after hitting play, but these are not direct quotes and should not be treated as such.

  • It was good, have a lot of good plays to teach off of, the defense in red zone competition got ahead of 12, offense could have caved, the offense answered, lots of video to chop up, loved how they competed at the end.
  • The defense on 4th down did good things, lots of pressure on the QB’s, DeRuyter turned up the heat and 3 or 4 times in a row he turned up the heat, everything is new, especially on the defensive of the ball, we’ve tried to put everything in and the terminology, was pleased with that, jumped offsides a few times.
  • It was good, exciting, every time you come into Jones AT&T, it is a different atmosphere, have to flip the switch, Clark Kent everywhere else, but Superman when you step on the field.
  • I thought Tahj Brooks had a big run, [SaRodorick] Thompson punched it in, 2nd time we went with the 1’s, was 30 or 40 yards, was trying to get to a good 4th down to go for it, Thompson had a huge run to get to that point. I thought the quarterbacks played well, Myles Price shows up time after time, [Nehemiah] Martinez had 2 big plays that were short catches and big runs down the side, ended up being a sack, [Dadrion Taylor-Demerson] Rabbit had an interception off a sack, [Bryce] Matthews had a knocked the ball out, Jacob Rodriguez was all over the field, saved 2 big runs, excited about him.
  • It’s a race, literally charting everything every day, getting a ton of reps, first 5 practices had 2 practices going on and had a red team and black team and everyone is getting those reps and quarterbacks are rotating through. They are all very mobile, so we don’t have to change up calls because the quarterbacks are different, I would like to say that there is a guy in the lead at the end of the spring, but we are in a good position and we’ve got dudes, they are pushing each other.
  • They have all, Brady Boyd made a tremendous catch, he’s shown that, [Jerand] Bradley has been the most consistent has been an animal in practice, Myles, Jordan Brown, [Drew] Hocutt had a big catch, [Haydon] Wiginton had a big catch, Zach is doing a good job of getting guys touches, we have some dudes at tight end, [Henry] Teeter, [Mason] Tharp, they are going to be threats because they are so athletic, you are going to see more 11 and 12 personnel in Texas Tech than you’ve seen in a long time.
  • Nehemiah caught a short one and went 60, Teeter ended the red zone with a touchdown, and he had a big 1st down.
  • You see different areas, different times it is easy to fly into East Texas, hopefully it is an advantage to us, you can see that in our class right now, there are some good ball players out here, the first day out is April 27th and we’re going to hit West Texas hard, they are tough, athletic kids. Xavier [White], Nehemiah and Chad[arious Townsend] can all play running back and the slot.
  • The last period was the red zone, we are trying to get to the last part and see how we play in the red zone, so that was 1 point on the head set that we go for it in games and we’re going to go for it here, Wolff hit a field goal, was a good kick.
  • They are all doing a great job, [Trey] Wolff was the starter and was the starter before and got knocked out, they are all doing well, was exciting to see him to that today because the other day he knocked one off the cross bar.
  • [Cade] Briggs is hand and [Loic] Fouonji is coming off a season-ending surgery, we knew, Cade was in the weight room, he’s doing individual, he’s doing individual. [Clayton] Franks and Denny Wilburn are the main two centers right now.
  • [Is asked about and talks about the Bachelorette as I believe senior offensive analyst Kirk Bryant will be on the show] we’re going to get shirts, have a watch party, Kirk is the brand and told him that if he doesn’t get a rose he might not get back to West Texas, he was supposed to go in 2019.


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