Texas Tech Football: Head Coach Joey McGuire Prior to Spring Game

Spring game is nearly here.

I sort of waited on the video of this to drop for a few days, so I also realize that the coordinators spoke yesterday, but that didn’t get published until late at night. Regardless, I think there’s good information here, it was incredibly difficult to hear questions and I didn’t get a chance to go back and listen again to try to decipher them. As always, this is a non-transcript, just me typing as fast as I can while a person talks.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • I’m really excited, especially for the guys, have had a good spring, worked hard, it is rewarding for them and good for the fans, we have a long way to go, moving in a great direction, who we are right now and will be game 10, we’ll continues, but great for the fans to see where we are right now.
  • I am, I think they’ve had a really good spring, Dowdy and I were talking about how lucky we are to have quarterbacks like that respect each other, have had a great competition, you know how spring goes, we’re not going to show a lot.
  • We’ll see how they play, we’ve charted everything, we’ll sit down with Kittley at the end and each position group and each player and see where we are at. It sounds crazy, they can do things similar and can do different things as well.
  • I think Tyler [Shough] has a good command as far as getting us in and out of bad plays, Kittley is big on giving the quarterback the freedom to check out of things, we’ve put stuff in to move the pocket, Donovan [Smith] can move the pocket and arm strength, Behren [Morton], was 20 of 24 in a scrimmage, he’s accurate, and he’s got some growing pains in getting us in good plays. We have a really healthy quarterback room.
  • At corner we have 3 guys that have stepped up and separated themselves, there are guys that we want that 4th corner to get there, at safety we’ve got 5, with Kosi [Eldridge] being the hybrid guy, [Marquis] Waters is so physical, has had a great spring, linebacker we are 3 to 4 guys there, on the offensive side of the ball have to build depth at the o-line, feel good about tight end and running back, had the drops Tuesday and Thursday, and then the scrimmage on Friday they caught the ball really well.
  • Adrian [Frye], Rashaad [Williams], and Malik [Dunlap], Adrian is Mr. Consistent, he had a huge tackle in the red zone against Tahj Brooks, that won the red zone competition. Safeties are Waters, Kosi, high safeties are Rabbit [Dadrion Taylor-Demerson] and Reggie [Pearson], and I can’t remember the 5th one. I’ll process that.
  • It is going to be one unique thing is 1st offense and quarterbacks are going to rotate through, on the home side against the 2nd defense, and then 1st defense s. the 2nd offense. We’ll name the home side and play it like a game, we’re doing that so they can jump back and forth, instead of doing a red and black team, we’re going to have a combination of red and black on both sidelines.
  • I think Cam’Ron Valdez has had one of the best spring, I got on to him about being physical and he’s gotten better every single practice with his physicality. Bryce Ramirez is going to affect the game and if nothing else on 3rd down, his pass rush ability has really grown, Jacob Rodriguez has come in and doesn’t even look like the same guy at 205, he’s at 225 now, playing physical and runs to the ball, is a true sophomore, is still a young guy.
  • It’s exciting, his dad was the offensive coordinator at Cedar Hill, he’ll move around a lot, we’ll challenge him, he has a high IQ, when competition gets heated and J[erand] B[radley] catches the ball, Boyd is one of them, but he’ll play inside and outside and rewarding guys who make plays. Nehemiah Martinez, everyone better get a #20 jersey, everyone is going to know who he is, he’s tough and he’s having a really good spring.
  • Caleb Rogers moved from right to left tackle, Weston Wright has had a good spring, Landon [Peterson] has had a good spring, he’s bounced around, but he’s at right guard. [Matt] Keeler is playing left tackle with the 2’s, he’s had good practices last week and today, and guys who aren’t going through spring that are creating depth.
  • He takes it personal the right way, some kids crawl in a whole, they know where I’m coming from, I know there’s more than 3 or 4, Tahj and Thompson are absolutely bought in, when you have guys like that, the young guys know and then when you tell him he’s getting better, that’s where you’ve seen him take off.
  • Through the spring, they know the running back position, might see him a little bit, Chad[arius Townsend] is playing outside, X[avier White] is playing inside, that’s where we want to keep them. Loic [Fouonji] was back today but can’t go thru contact, Chad adds a speed element, we have big physical receivers and tight ends and have to bully DB’s in catching the ball, guys like Myles [Price] and X putting pressure in space and chad has done a great job with the deep ball.
  • They’re all sort of banged up, nothing bad, Ty Kana has had a great spring, Joseph [Adedire] has had his shoulder cleaned up, it is a game-time, you all probably aren’t going to see Thompson on Saturday, not going to put him out there if he isn’t 100%, let Cam’Ron get more touches and Blake Bedwell.
  • As far as the chemistry, we’re moving in the right direction, I’ve been on staffs where you are game planning against each other, that’s not what we’re doing, the players have got to know their coaches and the locker room, we’re moving in the right direction, the guys will have May off, and then June will be a big reset, we’ll be more involved this summer.
  • If we were playing on Saturday he [Tyree Wilson] would play, where we are with strength wise, we have a good base, and I don’t want to put these guys in a position where they have to get things cleaned up, with Joseph we made the decision to get something done now so we’d have them in the fall, Tyree is in the same situation, we don’t want to put him in a position where he can’t make that jump in June and July.
  • We’re not there yet when all 11 guys play as hard as they can on every play, we’ve had 5 or 8, or all 11, we’ve seen every one of them do it and need to do it every snap. We ran the ball really well on Friday, big for us to do that on Friday.
  • The one thing that I wanted to make sure is to continue to grow, we have a young tight end that can grow, Mason [Tharp] is going to win the tight end award here, getting Baylor [Cupp] it helps him grow, he’s gone through adversity, he’s got measurables, he’s athletic 6’7″ and 245, when you think about the big 3 with Mason, Baylor, and [Henry] Teeter, they are a nightmare match-up for defenses because the shortest is 6’4″, then 6’7″, and 6’9″, talk about such a great kid, I recruited him at the old place and he was my #1 guy that year and he’ll be here May 28th and we’ll be ready to roll.

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