Texas Tech Basketball: Kevin McCullar to Enter Transfer Portal; Roster Update

Yesterday Texas Tech guard Kevin McCullar announced that he was still chasing his NBA dream, but that he was also entering the transfer portal.

I thought this would give me an opportunity to update the eligibility chart, with Kevin Obanor returning and now McCullar making his intentions more clear. We can pretty well guess that McCullar won’t be returning and I think we have confirmation that Shannon won’t return at all. If I had to guess, this would maybe be a situation where maybe McCullar feels as if he needs his game to go a certain direction while Mark Adams doesn’t have the same vision for him as a player. McCullar maybe wants to be a lead scoring guard because that’s where his NBA path lies and I don’t know that’s really where his game is at and I don’t know that he’s capable of being a scoring guard. And when I think about a scoring guard, I mean a guard that averages 20 points a game and gets up a majority of the shots.

McCullar was terrific in a handful of metrics, but it has always been his shooting that’s held him back. He made 30% of his far 2-point shots and just 31% of his 3-point shots. For McCullar to take a majority of the shots, he would have to really improve those shooting percentages. If it were me, I’d want McCullar to improve his shot, while highlighting the things that he does well and really attempt to improve his ability to pass, which was good, but Texas Tech didn’t have a guy on the roster that was a high assist rate player. And that’s not sour grapes on my end, I hope that McCullar continues that NBA dream and if he can find a spot where he can put up a ton of shots, then that’s great. That’s just going to be difficult to find I think (it might be promised, but not sure how well that will be delivered).

I don’t think that’s the offense and team that Adams wants to run. There will likely be additional movement in the roster so don’t get too comfortable.

Eligibility Chart

Position Player 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Guards Clarence Nadolny | (6-3/195) | JR
Kevin McCullar | (6-6/195) | R-JR NBA NBA
Mylik Wilson | (6-3/175) | JR
Ethan Duncan | (5-11/160) | FR RS WO WO WO WO
Lamar Washington | (6-4/200) | – HS
Richard “Pop Pop” Isaacs | (6-2/180) | – HS
D’Maurian Williams | (6-5/195) | – GW
Drew Steffe | (6-5/170) | – HS HS
Forwards Adonis Arms | (6-6/205) | S-SR
Terrence Shannon, Jr. | (6-6/210) | JR TR
Davion Warren | (6-6/210) | S-SR
Chibuzo Agbo, Jr. | (6-7/215) | SO TR TR
KJ Allen | (6-6/215) | SO
Jaylon Tyson | (6-7/200) | R-FR
Austin Timperman | (6-7/190) | R-SO WO WO WO
Robert Jennings | (6-7/220) | – HS
Bigs Kevin Obanor | (6-8/225) | SR
Marcus Santos-Silva | (6-7/250) | S-SR
Bryson Williams | (6-8/230) | S-SR
Daniel Batcho | (6-11/245) | R-FR
TOTALS 13 10 8 7 5 1

TR = Entered Transfer Portal; WO = Walk-on; NBA = Declared for NBA Draft; GW = played at Gardner-Webb


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