Texas Tech Football: The Brand | Episode 2 Running Commentary

Another excellent episode with a focus on the offensive side of the ball. This sort of became less of a running commentary and more of me trying to get down what they are saying. I really enjoy having these longer episodes and this is one of those things where given the production value, I’d prefer waiting a month or so after spring practice is complete over a 3 to 5 minute set of highlights that are put together quickly after a practice.

  • Joey McGuire: talks about naming a quarterback and all 3 going into a game he feels good about. Not afraid of losing any of those guys.
  • McGuire: challenge the coaches to get 1% better and challenge the coaches, offensively have to communicate better, and can’t have sacks in the red zone. Going in the right direction. The more reps, the freer they play and am excited to have 2 weeks left.
  • Zach Kittley: trying to grow together as a staff. From a player standpoint getting to execute and everyone doing their job and the spring game everyone knows what to do.
  • Kittley: wants to make sure and play with speed and violence, with true speed and tempo. Run routs violent, block violent, run violent. Getting the base conceptual part this spring.
  • Kenny Perry: want to be able to teach.
  • Behren Morton: that the offense gets players ready for the NFL, have put in a lot of work to get where it is now. This offense is a lot difference than the last offense.
  • Donovan Smith: there is more responsibilities, have to sift things out, wants to coach the quarterbacks to get out of a bad front. Definitely more of an air-raid offense, definitely attack, attack, attack.
  • Tyler Shough: what they are trying to build, McGuire and Kittley were honest. Was invested the day I got here.
  • McGuire: that if you want to play quarterback at Texas Tech, you have to love football, you are going to be able to develop into an NFL player and if you want to be a robotic player, then Texas Tech is not the place for you. You don’t need to wait on the coach to see the match-up, as a quarterback and a competitor, we’re going to be good at that position.
  • Kittley: tell our guys we’re going to attack, unless we’re running the clock down, but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down we are goint to be aggressive and attack defenses.
  • Perry: SaRodorick is really crafty, my chore is to get him to that next level and want him to focus on the mental aspect. Tahj s a complete back, blocks and runs well, he wants to know everything, give him the tools to see things pre-snap. I’m the luckiest coach in America, with Cam Valdez and Blake Bedwell, I’m fortunate to be here.
  • Tahj Brooks: have to know what we are doing, just being focused and answer back in the film room.
  • SaRodorick thompson: a lot with Perry is mental and being as confident as a guy you can be and sometimes I struggle with that.
  • Emmett Jones: want defenses to worry about all of those guys, have a unique group and get them to slow down and before you know it, you’ll master the system and I’m expecting Myles Price to double what he did last year.
  • Myles Price: that this is the perfect offense for him and any receiver, everyone is going to get to play on offense like this. Have to dominate in everything we do.
  • Josh Cochran: going to be a physical group and will be another offensive lineman on the field and need to be another receiver, we have to be very versatile and what we look for in tight end.
  • Henry Teeter: Cochran has changed our position and how much we are an extension of the OL and knowing their steps.
  • Kittley: After they understand the numbers, knowing that you are going to take care of them those guys will play harder for you.
  • McGuire: have to earn the right to play well, trying to earn the right and put the time in to get better and play well. Watching film, eating big, all of those things, if we don’t do the things we’re supposed to do, then you are hoping you play well.

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