Texas Tech Football: The Brand | Episode 3 Running Commentary

  • Tim DeRuyter acknowledges that it hasn’t been an elite defense in quite a while, which is unfortunately true.
  • Take 3 University is what the defense wants to be.
  • the base defense is played differently on 1st down compared to 3rd down. If there are 3 takeaways, there’s a 93% chance of winning. That’s quite the statistic. And like the idea of takeaways vs. turnovers, which is what the offense does and it being an active thing that the defense isn’t waiting on, but creates.
  • Dadrion Taylor-Demerson talking about feeling love for his teammates expressing their love for him is a good thing. Best feeling in the world? Knowing you are loved.
  • Dimitri Moore discussing how the defense is easy to understand and everyone running to the ball.
  • Marcel Yates acknowledges that there has to be a two-deep because of the speed of the defense and how physical the defense is going to be.
  • DeRuyter wants to get the defense to take great angles, play hard, and will hopefully be much improved.
  • Everything has to be pointed to the quarterback. Truer words . . .
  • Calls are set up in families and digesting the installs is easier. Interesting.
  • C.J. Ah You discusses how the defensive line may be in different spots to change up what the line is doing and not just rushing the passer.
  • McGuire says that they will be able to do multiple things to affect the quarterback because they understand football. This really needs to happen more than it has in the past.

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