Texas Tech Football: The Brand | Episode 4 Running Commentary

I don’t know if this is the last episode, but if it is, then this was definitely worth it. I don’t know why this episode was only 9 minutes, but I’m still not complaining. I’d love to see the show follow the team through the offseason workouts because I think that part is fascinating and we don’t get to see that part of the program..

  • Spring game discussion and was happy with the defense and what/how players react to the spring game.
  • Stephen Hamby talking about the offensive line and that the line is an NFL pro-style system. The center position has to make all of the calls and most important on the line. Haven’t seen a ton of Hamby on this show, he doesn’t seem to like the limelight.
  • Austin McNamara was happy to play in the spring game. Longest I’ve heard him talk ever and has a definite tan-line on his forehead from maybe wearing a hat or a helmet. He also looks like he’s gained some weight.
  • Jaylon Hutchings is discussing what the defense is capable of and buying and how it will all work.
  • McGuire is about flushing bad plays away and game-day anxiety. Defense not allowing the offense to score after giving up big plays.
  • Showed the Shough pick-six to start the game. McGuire imploring/yelling at the team about being a defense university. Really asking the defense to dig deep and asking them who they are. “We can play harder” seems like something that can always be said more.
  • Shows the post-game press conference about not being worried about the quarterbacks jumping in the portal. The June and July cycle is to get stronger and talks about how the effort and playing fast. A work in progress and going in the right direction.

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