Weekend Open Thread | 2022.07.16

A weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend. As a heads-up, I’m going to be out on vacation next week, but still somewhat expect to still blog and write a bit. And I’m pretty much gone the rest of the weekend, 2 select basketball games today and then 2 soccer games tonight with more basketball tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

Mercury News’ Jon Wilner does a Q&A and is asked about his thoughts on what will happen with conference realignment:

— The remaining 10 schools are given a compelling reason to stick together but with either expansion or a partnership with the ACC or Big 12. Likelihood: 40 percent

— At least eight schools merge with the Big 12 to form a western division of a super-conference. (In this scenario, Oregon State and Washington State could be left behind.) Likelihood: 30 percent

— The remaining 10 schools are given a compelling reason to stick together without mergers, acquisitions or partnerships. Likelihood: 20 percent

— Six schools (Arizona, ASU, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Washington) are poached by the Big 12, sparking the complete dissolution of the conference. Likelihood: 10 percent

Wilner notes that these things might not happen for weeks or months as hashing out television deals takes time and negotiation. The other thing I don’t understand, and this is something that’s probably easy to explain, which is how the ACC gets out of their deal with ESPN, which makes the Big 12 a more likely partner in the first scenario.

Texas Tech announced that season game tickets are now available for sale, which includes all games. There is a bit of a scuffle as TCU will allow the purchase of single-game tickets for all games except for one game. The Texas Tech game. Their AD has acknowledge that yes, they are doing this and are not going to apologize for not wanting Texas Tech fans to take over the stadium.

CBS Sports’ Shehan Jeyarajah recaps the Big 12 Media Days if you want a more conference-focused look at this past week.


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