Texas Tech Basketball: The 2022-2023 Eligibility Chart

The roster is set for now.

This is an easy post to do while I’m out on vacation. This is the final version of the 2022-2023 roster (until something changes). The one change on the roster from the last time that I did this is that Clarence Nadolny is no longer with the team and playing in France. Super-excited for Nadolny and hopes he chases all of his dreams.

This is also the first Eligibility Chart that I’ve done with the high school seniors who are commits, which is Drew Steffe and Jason Jackson.

I’ve tried to put this in some sort of order, namely that scholarship players are first, then walk-on’s, and then high school seniors. I’m a bit concerned about the point guard position, especially without Nadolny’s minutes that that he’d sometimes provide. I think it will be mostly Harmon and Williams with Isaacs getting those minutes that Nadolny received, but we’ll see.

The forwards are good I think and I think that Walton will receive forward minutes. I was a bit concerned torn on whether Walton would be a forward or a guard, but I think because of his shooting prowess, he’s a guard more than forward. I have seen photos of Allen and think he’s slimmed down quite a bit. My guess is that Tyson starts and that’s purely speculation, but if you have the two bigs, then Harmon at the point, Walton at the shooting guard, and then a forward, it seems like Tyson would be that guy because he can shoot I don’t think that Fisher starts because he’s not known for his shooting, but if he can play inside and a lockdown defender, then I think he’ll be very good. Jennings is probably going to surprise a lot of people, he might be the most versatile player on the team when it’s all said and done.

The bigs are much more big than they have been in the past. Obanor and Aimaq seem like natural starters and then figure out the other three. With the two big men, it gives Adams a ton of options, maybe it is just Obanor at center and you play with 4 smalls or Aimaq similarly. Batcho improving as an athletic rim-running big (which is what I think he is) will add a lot more to this team than last year.

One last item, which is that there is still a scholarship available for this year, so if there is a mid-year transfer like Jaylon Tyson, then Mark Adams can take it.

Eligibility Chart

Position Player 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Guards D’Maurian Williams | (6-5/195) | SO
De’Vion Harmon | (6-2/198) | JR
Kerwin Walton | (6-5/210) | –
Lamar Washington | (6-4/200) | –
Richard “Pop Pop” Isaacs | (6-2/180) | –
Ethan Duncan | (5-11/160) | FR WO WO WO WO
Corey Williams, Jr. | (6-1/-) | – WO WO WO WO WO
Drew Steffe | (6-5/170) | – HS
Jason Jackson | (6-4/195) | – HS
Forwards Jaylon Tyson | (6-7/200) | R-FR
KJ Allen | (6-6/215) | SO
Robert Jennings | (6-7/220) | –
Elijah Fisher | (6-7/210) | –
Austin Timperman | (6-7/190) | R-SO WO WO
Bigs Kevin Obanor | (6-8/225) | SR
Daniel Batcho | (6-11/245) | R-FR
Fardaws Aimaq | (6-11/245) | SR
Malik Ondigo | (6-10/215) | SR WO
TOTALS 12 12 10 7 2

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