Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses Iowa State

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Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • [Video starts without giving the question, think they are asking about Iowa State receiver Xavier Hutchinson] Nobody has, he had 8 catches last week and continues to do that. Going on the road and looking for that 1st win on the road. Coming off of Saturday, relatively healthy.
  • It starts with Jesiah Pierre, had 2 best games of his career, continue with the big guys up front, Tony and J-Bug, Joseph Adedire, Wooten, will shuffle some guys around. Myles Cole will be switched back. Isaac Smith played more at that boundary behind Jesiah, Dimitri Moore should be more active this week and play boundary linebacker behind Jesiah. Shift some more bodies behind where Tyree was playing.
  • They do a good job with a 3-man pass rush, really good defensive end in #9, linebackers are 3 to 3.5 yards off the ball. Do almost everything right, the effort that they play with, and especially on the defensive end.
  • We talked about it yesterday, we don’t keep on it. it goes back to trying to go 1-0, mental toughness is where your feet are at that time. We have a good plan about practice tomorrow. We scrimmaged our young guys yesterday, the ones that didn’t get to paly against Kansas. We go straight into game-planning and playing a good football team.
  • Behren Morton being game-time, he’ll throw and he’ll know the game-plan, expectation is to start Tyler and have him ready to go and use Donovan and use those packages, did a great job of that pass to Mason Tharp, continue to have Donovan do the things he does well and Behren will play if something crazy happens.
  • Really, identifying what we do well in the run game and run a lot more gap scheme and counter power, running backs have a good feel for those plays, those 3 that played are really good football players. They play off of each other, different types of backs. They are healthy and that’s good this time of year. The biggest thing is what our offensive line can do well and play off of it.
  • It is tough, he is leading all Power-5 in tackles for loss, maybe tied in Big 12 in sacks, most pressures by outside linebacker. It’s tough, you don’t just replace a guy like that. He’s having an All-American and he should be a concensus in a lot of publications. You do it where guys have been playing and guys play with high effort. you saw him come back out and help coach and I expect him to travel and he’ll be there and be on the sideline and be able to help those guys.
  • think the echo is going on the road and winning and we haven’t done that. It’s our last opportunity to do that. Couple that with make sure we finish the 4th quarter. We didn’t score in the 3rd, but we were able to score in the 4th and pull away. It is going to be a tight physical game. We play defense in the Big 12 and saw that this weekend.
  • We’re practicing in 30 degree tomorrow, might be lower. We practice on grass, I don’t believe in not talking about it, or tough guys not wearing a coat, you might as well prepare and talk about it. It’s just like coming here in August and September. Last year we had a guy have ice in his beard after tempo running, this is just getting us ready for a game in Ames, Iowa. it is one of those deals where we’ve talked abou tit, ended the powerpoint with the photo. We have strangth guys who had played in Wyoming, and Samy morris played in Buffalo. There’s a reality when it hits you in the face, I want them to know about it and shut up about it and go play.
  • Trey Wolffe, I was so excited, so big to grab momentum back, sent it to him, McNamara, and Knotts, good snap, hold and kick. Trey doesn’t let a lot of things affect him.
  • Hutchinson, he’s great route runner and have a good scheme for him, and move him around. If he only played outside, you could do things coverage wise to get him away. He has to be smart and pick up every position. Has great quickness and tough to tackle. We have to know where he’s at and lining up. Iowa State isn’t doing as much, are an offense that shifts and motions a lot, and he can motion over across the formation and have to communicate and play with great effort and have great eyes. Have to start out having great eyes.
  • I think it is huge and makes a big difference if you can run the ball, it settles quarterbacks down and the weather we play in, they do a great job of stopping the run, but we have to establish the run and play physical up front.
  • We’ll keep Monroe Mills before Ty Buchanan, against TCU, we hoped to keep him there, Caleb has played his best 2 games, it is about competition and know I have to give my best. Still think Monroe is at right tackle.
  • Tyree is a foot and with all of our players, have to be really good job with a projected top 10 pick, want to double and triple check. Are goin to see if it is a deal where he can play against OU, or just shut him down. When we become bowl eligible, I would not expect Tyree Wilson to play in the bowl game, when it is a top 10 or 15 pick, you have to get the best information. it is his foot. Sent Landon Hullaby to Aspen, the best foot guy is in Green Bay and we may have to do that. Still looking at it, could be a fracture.
  • You see on film where he steps and feels it, didn’t look like he stepped on the whole foot of the tackle from Kansas, was more foot than ankle.
  • Best lineman for pulling, when running dart, Caleb and Monroe, power is running to the right with Weston. Play of Mason and Baylor, with the counter, they are that second puller and they have done a great job of fitting up on the linebackers, maybe best game in terms of run game. I think Josh Cochran is the best tight end coach in the country, and he was an All-American at tackle, I think they’ve taken off in terms of gap schemes.
  • We played there in 2018, Rhule is tougher, he was in sleeveless, I looked like Gumby, it was green. I’ll be bundled up and will be comfortable and fired up and Zane will have all kinds of cold gear packed, vaseline and right guard so the feet don’t sweat.

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