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The Morning Stake | 2023.03.02


I’ve barely had time to bring my head above water. Between practices and games on the weekend, which I am not complaining. It’s great.

Fitsum made the tennis and track team (at least for now) and there were points where we weren’t sure if that would happen. Early morning practices and not giving up resulted in doing something he never doubted he could do. And it would be kind to say that Fits never really embraced doing anything athletic (he’s not interested in team sports at all, but does love the camaraderie of his team and cheers classmates on), but he’s finding his groove.

Youssouf has been heavy in basketball and soccer, the basketball culminated in Yo making the all-star game in his league and his team won the winter championship. His large hands would not fit the ring that the league gave the kids, it fits the top part of his pinky. The number of times that people approach us about him playing for another team seems insane, but it happens. As an aside, he’s playing for a team where the coaches are the coaches at Red Oak High School (they’re No. 12 in the state) and it’s been a great fit for Yo.

I know a lot of you have already been in this spot, where for a handful of years you end up chauffeuring your kiddos to different practices, games, recitals, scrimmages, etc. There’s not a moment where I’m not appreciative that I get to watch my kids do these things.

Since we last checked in, Wes Kittley, the assistant coaches, and student-athletes won themselves a Big 12 Championship. Huzzah!

/alarm flashing gif/

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds writes about why the Pac-12 is having such a difficult time selling themselves to networks, mainly people watching games. These are all things we’ve known and people have pointed out, just dumb people on the internet have figured it out quicker than some people who write for a living.


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