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Recapping the Presser: TCU – UT

Winning a game sure does feel good, doesn’t it? This team is still yet to turn in a complete game, all aspects effort, but the defense held TCU to 17 points in regulation and the offense did enough to win the game. Kingsbury shifted his play calls more towards the run, especially with the defensive […]

Recapping the Presser: KSU – WVU

Well, that game went how we thought it would go, and yet not at all like how we thought it would go. Tech ended up losing by 6 points, pretty close to what Vegas predicted. Mahomes did in fact play (although what we saw in the second half from Mahomes could be argued otherwise). Tech […]

Playcall Rewind: Kansas

This week’s play was a a trick play, drawn up in Kingsbury’s office and deployed at the time when Coach thought he could catch the Kansas defense off guard. This play combined a strange formation and tempo as the offense lined up in for this play quickly after having the ball set. (I’m using my […]

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