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Recapping the Presser: TCU – UT

Winning a game sure does feel good, doesn’t it? This team is still yet to turn in a complete game, all aspects effort, but the defense held TCU to 17 points in regulation and the offense did enough to win the game. Kingsbury shifted his play calls more towards the run, especially with the defensive […]

Recapping the Presser: OU – TCU

The power of Staking the Plains has been manifested! There seems to be less hesitation in the media in their questioning of Kingsbury and they were more direct, less feeding of answers. They asked substantive questions and I am taking credit. Also, i found it kind of hilarious that Patrick Mahomes was out there breaking […]

Recapping the Presser: Bye – Kansas

Heading into the Kansas game this year has a little different feel than it did last year. We were hearing that (and eventually was somewhat confirmed) that the team wasn’t preparing for Kansas and that they were just going to out talent the Jayhawks. Following the game last season, Kingsbury said they thought the team […]

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