Recruiting on the Plains: JUCO Defensive Tackles, Part II

We looked at a handful of junior college defensive linemen last month and we finish up that series with a handful of additional videos of JUCO defensive linemen that Texas Tech might have a need for in the 2016 class.

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Stephon Hall (6-3/260) Butler

Plays a really wide defensive end and plays with some real toughness. Really manhandles opponents, but I’m not sure how I feel about Hall getting so wide.

Merrick Jackson (6-2/340) Iowa Western

A little more traditional defensive tackle, seems like a really good 1-tech defensive tackle. Has good size, maybe not a ton of push, but does a really nice job of holding off opponents and reaching that arm out to make a play. Pretty good motor for someone his size.

Patrick Belany (6-2/290) Antelope Valley

Yep. Pretty much love this. I feel like I’ve watched this before, but Belany has some really nice size and strength that’s really empressive. I’ll take one.

Christopher Erby (6-3/320) Grossmont

The film looks like it is from 1980. It’s like watching VHS tape. Not sure what to think about a guy that gets in on a lot of plays late. Maybe it says a little bit about his motor, but a bit strange.

Joshua Fatu (6-3/270) Long Beach

Is it just me or does he have a shorter stride. Really productive and plays both defensive end and defensive tackle. I tend to lean towards guys that can play up and down the line as I’ve worked on this project.

Ladarius Gallion (6-5/340) Itawamba

Another versatile guy that has a really terrific motor. Plays up and down the line, from 1 tech to 5 tech at times. Seems like he is suited to stay inside.

Tyrell Chavis (6-5/305) Nassau

I’ll take one.


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