The Morning Stake

The Morning Stake: Men’s Golf Readies for NCAA Championship; Track & Field Regional; No More Court Storming

In this morning’s stake, the men’s golf team is readying for their run at the NCAA Championships, Justin Gray freshmen highlights, track and field are also set for their NCAA Regional and no more court and/or field storming.

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Men Set for NCAA Championship. Well, the ladies just finished off a 5th place finish, but the men’s golf team is set to begin their quest for an NCAA Championship at the same golf course, The Concession Golf Club, in Bradenton, Florida, starting Friday.

Let’s do this.


Justin Gray’s Highlights.

Track and Field

Ready for Regionals. The men’s and women’s track teams are set to participate in the NCAA West Preliminaries in Austin starting this weekend with the hopes of qualifying for the NCAA Championships. Here is head coach Wes Kittley:

“This meet is an incredible opportunity for us,” Texas Tech head coach Wes Kittley said. “There are 48 athletes and 24 relays in each event, and you just have to be No. 12 to move on. I’ve seen it all at this meet, between high-ranking athletes not qualifying, and athletes who weren’t supposed to make it sneak into the 12th spot. We just have to keep doing the things that got us here. We have to take care of business ourselves, and the rest will fall into place. I’m anticipating some great performances this weekend.”

Events start at noon today, Friday and Saturday.


DMN on Special Teams. Via the DMN, we have their ranking of the special teams and they have Texas Tech 4th overall, which is just 2 points ahead of Texas and 5 points behind Baylor.

You Know What to Do. The Land Grant Gauntlet is taking votes on the best uniforms of the Big 12.


Ain’t This Some Bull$hit. Via FOX Sports’ David Ubben, the Big 12 (not just Bob Bowlsby) will be providing the Big 12 with the ability to fine programs where the fans rush the court or field and fine athletic departments where the chants from fans use foul language. Also of note, is that the AD’s are all over the place in regards to satillite camps and the AD’s aren’t worried about the cost of attendance spiraling out of control because that figure is apparently controled, to some extent, federal funding, so colleges aren’t going to go too high with the cost of attendance payment because you could lose that federal financing. I didn’t know this.

Miscellaneous. Oklahoma lost 4-star quarterback Justice Hanson, who will transfer and apparently will not have any restrictions (don’t even care) . . . the NFL ranked the college mascots and a certain masked rider makes the list . . .


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