Too Close for Comfort on Texas Tech’s Football and Men’s Basketball APR Scores

The NCAA released their APR scores, and for a second day in a row, I’m taking screenshots of this stuff.  If you want to read the report for 2013-14 and 2012-13, and they can all be found in database. Here’s the main stuff (full size here):

  • The good news is that all of the major programs are in good standing and can participate in post-season things.
  • The bad news is that both the football and the men’s basketball programs are dangerously close to being unable to participate in post-season tournaments. A multi-year score that’s lower than 930 will result in some penalties, sometimes loss of scholarships or even post-season bans.
  • The other bit of good news is that both of those programs that are in trouble had pretty good years, football at 956 and basketball at 1000.
  • The reason why this is good news is because the APR is anywhere between two and four year averages. The football and men’s basketball teams made some terrific progress after having terrible years in 2012-13 where football posted an APR score of 923 and men’s basketball posted a score of 913.

Here are the scores for all teams (larger version here and here):

So yes, it appears that every other program appears to be fine.


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