Texas Tech Commit WR Derrick Willies Mid-Season Highlights

Texas Tech commit Derrick Willies has been dominating JUCO competition this year.

Texas Tech commit wide receiver Derrick Willies (6-4/210) is destroying the JUCO competition (Destroying is one of those catch-phrases that folks use to get clicks. Another alternative would have been eviscerate). You can check out all of his measurables from the Staking The Plains commitment post. I could just end the sentence there, but I won’t. Willies has 40 catches, for 1,20 yards, is averaging 127.5 yards a game on 25.5 yards per catch and has 13 touchdowns on the year. The total yards and yards per catch leads the NCAA and if you’re like me, you are dreaming of Willies lining at the Z-receiver spot making all sorts of plays.

That stutter-step on his vertical routes is so good and his ability to make catches with a defender draped all over him is impressive.

There’s only one problem, which is that TCU is hot after Willies. He would be a major get for Texas Tech if he ended up signing for the good guys.


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