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The Morning Stake: July 28th

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Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech, including an early start at community service, a well deserved accolade, and lab experiments gone oh so right

Men’s Basketball

SO SHINES A GOOD DEED IN A WEARY WORLD. Got an off day? Give it to a kid.

Track & Field

AN HONOR JUST TO BE HERE. Congratulations to recent alum Hannah Carson for being named as one of two Big 12 representatives for the NCAA Woman of the Year! I highly encourage everyone to go read the article to learn up on what Hannah has accomplished in Lubbock, we were truly lucky to have her. Here’s to more accolades in her future!


FREAKS AND DEETS. As in details on the players that make up Bruce Feldman’s Top 20 Freaks in College Football. Oh look at that, there’s somebody on the list that will be catching passes from Patrick Mahomes this season. Should be worth a watch.

NOT LAST! As we continue the slow conversion of every written thing on the internet into lists, the Dallas Morning News ranks the Big 12 defenses. Good news! We’re not last in the conference. Bad news! We’re not in the top 8. Que sera, sera.

DON GOES DON. Beloved internet & Twitter personality Don Williams sets his phasers to surly and takes aim at Big 12 expansion. Essentially, he argues that if you’re going to make a bad decision, make it a good bad decision, and in this case that bad decision is Houston. We’re at Taco Bell at 2 AM, folks (twentysomething humor!). If you had the over for how many paragraphs it would take for him to make a jab at youngs, come collect your prize.


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