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The Morning Stake: August 23rd

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics, including getting to know freshman RB Da’Leon Ward and the Lady Raiders are in Barcelona.

Campus Photos

Lots of great photos of the North endzone at Jones AT&T stadium from Totally Texas Tech. Also they are waiting to unveil the new double-t in the endzone.

Lady Raider Basketball

Day 8 with Grayson Bright and Zuri Sanders take you through Barcelona:


LAJ’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech hasn’t signed the contract to play Ole Miss in 2018 just yet because Texas Tech still has to reschedule Missouri State. Here’s athletic director Kirby Hocutt:

“I’m confident that we’ll be able to move the games that need to be and come to an agreement with ESPN on that game,” Hocutt said Monday, “so I’m excited about it. The contract hasn’t been executed as of today, but I see no reason why it will not be in the coming weeks.”


Get to know freshman RB Da’Leon Ward:

Texas Football released their 100 player watch list for Texas Football High School Player of the Year. There are a two Texas Tech commits on the list, Jack Anderson and Xavier Martin.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about Hocutt heading to California to begin to meet with the College Football Playoff committee and is ready to be the spokesperson for the committee:

“I guess I would say that I will be speaking every week from the collective voice in representing 11 other individuals,” he said. “I think we’re all extremely fortunate that the game of college football garners the interest and the passion it does.

“We’re going to give the time, energy and effort each week to make sure we rank the best 25 teams. Obviously, there’s a lot of passionate fans and alumni out there who might not always agree with us, but as a committee we won’t leave that room until we’re confident we have it right.”

Miscellaneous . . . Sports on Earth’s Matt Brown predicts the top teams as well as where each team will play in the bowl season and predicts Texas Tech plays Notre Dame in the Russell Athletic Bowl . . . you can read Cincinnati’s letter to the Big 12 stating that they are officially interested in joining the team . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Ryan Evans ranks and predicts the non-conference schedules . . . you guys remember Josh Outlaw? He’s the starting left guard for Louisiana Tech, which is Texas Tech’s week three opponent . . .


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