The Morning Stake: September 6th


This is five in a row for the volleyball team, that’s pretty good for head coach Tom Greystone. Keep the momentum rolling. Oh, and the volleyball twitter account tweeted out that the men’s basketball team showed up to support.


What the kids affectionately refer to as “shade”, Texas Tech head coach spent the evening last night watching Narcos rather than the Texas vs. Notre Dame game. This was in yesterday’s presser, which Spencer will get to later this morning. LAJ’s Don Williams has this and a bit more in his notebook from yesterday as well as Patrick Mahomes saying that he didn’t go through his progressions as well as he should have:

“I was going through the progressions, I guess you would say, but just not really trusting it,” Mahomes said. “Trying to make … get out of the pocket and run around, throw the ball, instead of just trusting it and making the throws. (That’s) something that we’ve been working on and I expect to do better.”

Seriously, Kingsbury wants to make Mahomes a robot-quarterback.

LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about how Ondre Pipkins has brought a physical style with him from his days at Michigan. Kingsbury liked the say the defense performed:

“I thought early (Pipkins and fellow transfer Kolin Hill) really were a force in there, jamming up the middle on some of those runs and winning their one-on-one battles and that was good,” Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said on Monday. “They are two big, physical tough guys. They play with a chip on their shoulder. They have a lot of football built up after sitting out a year, and I think there’s a lot of room for growth, which is encouraging.”

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how Kingsbury isn’t happy with the offense’s performance:

“We weren’t very fundamentally sound,” he said. “I think what I was seeing at practice didn’t necessarily carry over to the field. Maybe it was just nerves and first game-type jitters, but it wasn’t us. And so we need to get that fixed this week and next Saturday play a much smoother, much more poised game.”

RRS’s Will McKay and Drew Kohnle talked with Dylan Cantrell and Devin Lauderdale and their play on Saturday, here’s a bit about Cantrell:

-As for his long catch of the night, Cantrell said they’d been talking about running the play for a few series. On the route, he’s supposed to sit at 10 yards if the CB was in zone or bails, and he’s supposed to run the go route if he’s pressed up in man. The CB bailed, but Cantrell felt the corner was leveraged far enough inside that he could run outside and past him, so he did.

Nice to see my Patriots and my Broncos visiting Texas Tech yesterday.

For those of you not in attendance on Saturday.

Miscellaneous . . . the official site has the official game notes with a depth chart that will most likely not be updated for the rest of the year . . . ESPN’s Mitch Sherman hands out helmet stickers for this past week and Patrick Mahomes gets one . . . also from Sherman is this week’s Big 12 and completely arbitrary power rankings and Texas Tech at #6 . . . Kansas’ Kellis Robinett has his Big 12 notebook as well as arbitrary power rankings where Texas Tech is 4th overall . . .

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