Weekly Conversation: Oklahoma

No more music?

Seth: Can you describe how you feel about the current state of Texas Tech football using one word from Green’s Dictionary of Slang?

Travis: Newted.

So in my top-secret text group, the discussion this week has been about Kingsbury’s approach to discipline and how it differs from Leach. I made the point that every year it seems like Wazzou loses early, Leach goes on his “my guys aren’t tough,” rant, and they turn it around. Kingsbury made it a point this week that he’s not going to publicly call out players just to make the fans happy. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Would you like to see more anger from Kliff at times?

Seth: I really dont’ think so. On Saturday, the day of the birthday party, I had to yell and scream at the two kiddos for something. Their punishment was for them to sit in their rooms for a period of time. Their behavior changed, but only for a short period of time. Then, today, they both had bad days at school and I decided that their punishment would be no television and no toys for the night. They were, of course upset, but things worked out okay. We read books and Youssouf drew his first picture of our family and they understood it.

This isn’t totally analogous, but maybe what it speaks to is the idea that there really isn’t a right way or a wrong way. If a coach who yells and screams and loses, they look silly. A coach who is stoic is unemotional and not into the game. As to Kingsbury, I think it’s incredibly important to continue to be who you are. Even if it isn’t working, you have to be you because if you’re trying to be someone or something else, then nobody really knows who you are. You’re a flip-flopper who doesn’t know who or what he wants to be.

So what the hell do we do and what the hell happens? I know I’m asking you to be some sort of savant here, but with the departure of Corey Dauphine, two losses in a row and right now it seems like a rudderless ship. How do you right the ship?

Travis: I really have no idea and I’m alarmed about some of the things I’m hearing. Apparently Hocutt was at practice earlier this week and he shut the music off. Not sure exactly what that means, but it seems to be a signal that these guys better start taking things more seriously.

I really like Kingsbury and I hate to think of a Tech team without him as head coach, but things seem to be regressing. I know there is talk about Tech not being able to afford to fire him, but who knows. Somehow schools find a way. It happens all the time.

And I agree with you about Kliff not needing to change his persona just for the sake of doing so, but something obviously needs to be done. I just don’t think I’m smart enough to know what that is.

But, despite all that, I really think Tech has a chance to win on Saturday night. It just seems like one of those times–everyone is counting them out so they’ll shock the world. Kliff really needs it.
What do you think? Do you believe in miracles?

Seth: The “turning off music” is somewhat eye-opening and perhaps my bigger point about the financial aspect of Kingsbury’s deal is that someone is to make it clear that just firing him right now is probably not financially feasible and a handful of things will most likely have to fall into place in order for there to be some sort of change. It just takes one big donor who is willing to write that check to make it all happen.

And yes, something does need to change and I’m not sure what it is. I earnestly believed/believe that things were/are headed into the right direction. Kingsbury runs as clean as a program as you could maybe hope for and he’s hard working and dedicated and things are supposed to work out that way. But maybe there’s the idea that hard work and dedication doesn’t always pay off the way you want them to or expect. And maybe that’s the most disheartening thing about all of this. Meanwhile, between Austin and Dallas, Baylor has done some of the worst things that could happen and they’re undefeated and LOL’ing at Texas Tech right now.

As to the game itself, hell no I don’t think that Texas Tech has a chance in this game. That’s incredibly defeatist and very much unlike my normal way of thinking. I think it has more to do with this particular matchup more than anything else. It’s a bad matchup for Texas Tech on a couple of different levels. The Oklahoma offense if just as good as Texas Tech’s and WVU and K-State have provided blueprints about how to beat Texas Tech’s offense. I don’t know if the Sooners will be able to replicate that sort of success, but I guarantee you that they’ll pin their ears back and just come raring out of the gate and try to overwhelm Texas Tech’s offensive line. When they get down, they don’t recover. Not to mention, without getting any pressure on Mayfield, he’ll just have too much time to complete what he wants to do. Texas Tech hasn’t generated a real pass rush in two straight games.

Since the roles are reversed a bit with us, how do you see the game playing out?

Travis: For some strange reason I’m really optimistic. Again, it just feels like one of those nights when everything comes together. We’ll see I guess, but for now, I’m gonna hope. And dance like ugly Tom Cruise.


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