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The Morning Stake: November 14th

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original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams recapped Saturday’s loss and wrote that even with all of the trick plays, Texas Tech couldn’t get a win in the Big 12. The intereting thing is that Kingsbury said that this is how the team prepares, they usually carry a few each week:

“We usually carry quite a few,” he said. “It just depends on the looks we’re getting and what we see.”

However, Kliff denied it was a case of pulling out all the stops as his team slips closer and closer to missing out on bowl eligibility.

“No,” he said, “we feel like that every week, so nothing’s changed.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot wrote that Texas Tech adjusted to the defense to an extent:

“I think it was just him understanding couple of weeks in a row that ‘Hey, they’re not going to get more open when they’re dropping eight so you’ve got to make your mind up and get it out quick and be decisive,” Kingsbury said. “And for most of the night, I felt like he did that.”

Also included was the note that Mike Gundy thinks that Patrick Mahomes is a first rounder in the NFL draft and even offered to help him find an agent (Gundy was joking I think . . . or was he?) and about how this team is still fighting for bowl eligibility.

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot with the one that you’ve been waiting for, writes that the loss wasn’t just down to an extra point:

Those mistakes, don’t make the loss any easier to take.

It doesn’t relieve the pressure.

Hatfield knows he is expected to make each and every kick he attempts.

That’s the expectations.

A simple “laces out” and it is all over.


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