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The Morning Stake: February 20th

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 TTURed at Totally Texas Tech has some terrific details about how the letters went on in the endzone. That field is significantly more vibrant and I like the block letters personally better than that Under Armour font.



Lady Raider Basketball


More details on the new field turf:

Rusty Whitt. Rusty Whitt. Rusty Whitt.

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The Big 12 Blog Bros did a summary of the position analysis that they did and they aren’t exactly high on Texas Tech:

TEXAS TECH: Other than receiver, Tech failed to rank in the top half of the league in any position group.

QBs: 8th; RBs: 9th; WRs: 3rd; OL: 9th; DL: 10th; LBs: 7th; DBs: 9th; STs: 9th

Average rank: 8.0


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