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The Morning Stake: March 6th






The baseball team lost their first game against Texas A&M, but won the next two at the Shriners’ Hospitals College Classic, beating both Ole Miss and LSU. The LSU win was in dramatic fashion, a walk-off win where Tanner Gardner knocked a hit off of the pitchers foot. Dramatic stuff. I’ve re-capped the games at the weekend thread, including highlights. Much thanks to Brian for handling Twitter duties as he went to all three games. Make sure and buy him a beer when you see him.

Red Raider Basketball


Not much time to get into Patrick Mahomes’ combine performance, but here’s a summary from SI’s Chris Burke:

Even against air (i.e. no defense), Mahomes is a lot of fun to watch. He can sling the ball with what looks like minimal effort, the way you’d skip a pebble across a pond. When his receivers were running go routes, Mahomes was flicking the ball 50-plus yards with ease.

It’s a little unorthodox, as is the majority of his game—the challenge will be in figuring out if his unique style is translatable to the next level or a complete Achilles’ heel. Mahomes’ baseball background (his dad, Pat, was an MLB pitcher) has given him an arm motion that doesn’t match the over-the-top style other prospects try to harness. Mahomes’ is more of a sidearm or 3/4 delivery. It works. Or, at least, has so far.

Mahomes also may have benefited slightly from the alphabetical order of this year’s QB crop. He followed Colorado’s Sefo Liufau in drills, and the arm strength gap between Liufau and Mahomes is striking, in Mahomes’ favor.


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