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The Morning Stake: April 18th

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Baseball

The baseball team is in Midland tonight to take on New Mexico State, first pitch is at 7:00 pm at Security Bank Ballpark.

And I wasn’t even sure if Davis was the best hitter over the weekend.

Updated rankings.

  • D1 Baseball has Texas Tech at 5th overall, up one spot as TCU dropped to 6th overall.
  • Baseball America has Texas Tech at 4th overall, up 2 spots as they had TCU and Clemson dropping.

Texas Tech Football

Don’t stop, never stop.

The JUCO defensive backs:

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 B/R’s Doug Farrar sits down and watches tape with Patrick Mahomes in preparation of the NFL draft. There’s lots of fun and technical stuff there:

B/R: Here, you’ve got a late blitz, you’re under pressure right from the start, and you have to roll right, making a deep boundary throw. What was the change in the read here—when the blitz was clear, how did you adjust the protections and receiver distribution at the line?

Mahomes: Yeah. I saw the blitz and changed the protection to the left, and dropped back to the left, thinking I was going to have more time. But my left tackle missed the call and went to the wrong defender, so I didn’t have that guy blocked. So, both ends were free on both sides. I scrambled to the right, saw the receiver running down the middle, and thought I could make the throw on 3rd-and-14.

B/R: What was the play call before you saw the blitz, and what did you change it to?

Mahomes: Before the blitz, it was an empty backfield play we call “95,” kind of like the play call I detailed before. I knew I would have a good hot [route] on that play, but I thought maybe I could hit on the big alert [deep throw] to the left, so I left it on [kept the route call] ad slid the protection to give myself time. But I couldn’t hit the go route I thought I was going to hit, so I just hit the “Y” receiver who came back to me across the middle.

Miscellaneous . . .

  • Breiden Fehoko has decided to transfer to LSU and I don’t really have anything to say about that because I don’t know that I have a lot of nice things to say..

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