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The Morning Stake: August 21st

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 Just an FYI, we received a Facebook message and a local firefighter spent some time watching part of practice inside the new inside practice facility. I was told that he thinks the players are finally on par with what we think of Big 12 athletes in terms of size. That Dominic Panazzolo is pretty fun to watch. Dylan Cantrell looks like a guy with size and Desmond Nisby is a grown man. Rusty Whitt, Manny Ramirez, Tommy McVay, and Jabbar Juluke all visited with the group, more Whitt than anyone else.

 LAJ’s Don Williams goes all Blackie Sherrod on us (think scattershooting) and mentions the Knights of Columbus Tech Night on Saturday at 6:00 pm at the Memorial Civil Center, guest speakers in clude Russell Maryland and Dyle Parker, Spike Dyke’s longtime assistant. Also mentioned is that Tom Stone always steals the show at the Red Raider Club kickoff luncheon and that Williams likes how DT Broderick Washington takes pride in the defense:

Like last spring when he was talking about the Red Raiders being known only for offense: “These guys don’t want to be known as losers. I don’t either,” Washington said of his defensive mates. “We’re tired of it being fans just coming for offense. We’re tired of hearing that. Everybody on defense is (mad) about that and wants it to be balanced — an offensive and a defensive show. Instead of people just coming to see the Red Raiders’ offense, they want to see the Texas Tech Red Raider football team, period. What football team is known just for offense? It’s not supposed to be.”

 RedRaiderSports’ Aaron Dickens has ten predictions for the year and here’s one of them:

9. Texas Tech will go 7-5.

The Red Raiders won’t bounce-back from 5-7 with a dream nine- or 10-win season, but Texas Tech will win seven games and return to the postseason. Optimism will abound after the team routs Arizona State and races out to a 3-0 start, but a 4-5 finish will leave some fans grumbling as November comes to a close.

 Apparently Oklahoma media folks are reaching out to former Red Raiders who are aquaintances with Lincoln Riley as the Tulsa World’s Eric Bailey talked with Reed, who said Riley watched Reed lift a lit of weight one time and former Texas Tech offensive line coach (now at Oklahoma) Bill Bedenbaugh taught Reed when he was at Texas Tech.

 Miscellaneous . . . our friends at Land Grant Gauntlet have created a cool vintage Lubbock t-shirt complete with a Southwest motif . . . the Spokesman Review said that between the offense and defense, the defense won the scrimmage . . .


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