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The Morning Stake: September 15th

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 I’m working half a day and then traveling for the game. Some friends have rented an RV and we’re all bringing our boys and chaos will ensue. I’ll try to post on the Twitter where I’m located and if you’re milling around, come to try to find me. This also means that I won’t be posting anything other than what’s already scheduled, which is 7 Points, Weekly Conversation and Read / Look / Devour. I won’t be posting a Morning Stake tomorrow morning, so you’re on your own. All of the game threads are scheduled to post.

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 Hey you guys, this is rated RR.

 AZCentral’s Jeff Metcalfe writes about the Sun Devils playing a very good Texas Tech offense against a very inexperienced Arizona State secondary:

“You’ve got to minimize the explosive plays. Anything they get, they have to earn. Right now in today’s football, I don’t worry about yardage. You’ve got to look for takeaways and there’ll be some yardage in between. You want it to be from the 20 to 20 (yard lines).”

It’s really impossible for the ASU secondary to know what’s it in for. Even if the Sun Devils play extra defensive backs for the first time this season, those options are even less inexperienced than starters Adams, Dasmond Tautalatasi, Kobe Williams and Joey Bryant. DeMonte King has yet to play due to a shoulder injury and Chase Lucas has only been in as a punt returner.

“Really what they do, when you watch it on TV, it looks more complicated than it is,” King said. “It’s simple stuff, but they test your discipline, test your alignment, test your tackling in space. If you stick to the fundamentals, you’ll be fine. This ain’t nothing we’ve never seen before. We practice this stuff. Our offense is similar. We’re just trying to dominate the fundamentals of the game.”

 Another article from the State Press’ Mark Harris having to play Texas Tech:

It’s clearly better for ASU to face Shimonek as opposed to Mahomes, who ripped them apart last year and is now on the Kansas City Chiefs, but Shimonek still presents his own set of problems to deal with.

“We know that he’s a good player. He can sling the ball,” Redshirt junior safety Dasmond Tautalatasi said. “We know that we are going to have to study, read their keys and read their key routes and their tendencies.”

 Miscellaneous . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter and Sam Khan pick the Big 12 games this week, and both pick Texas Tech . . . The Comeback’s Ty Duffy says that you should put your money on Arizona State . . . Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown picks the Sun Devils by one . . .


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